About Marissa

Hi, I'm Marissa!!!
I am the fill in/back up for Seven Bloggers and their dolls I currently have three AG dolls: Alexandria, (MAG #46) Isabelle, (GOTY 2014) and Danielle, (MAG #13) Here are some facts about me:
- I love to read (Especially American Girl books)
- My favorite colors are: Pink, purple, and blue.
- I love puppies!!!! (Huskies and Schnauzers are my favorites)
- Some of my favorite hobbies are: photography, sewing, and reading.
- I take dance lessons (Jazz and ballet)
- My favorite music artists are Owl City and MercyMe.
- I have my own blog, Inner Star Studios

Thanks for checking out my page!!!!

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  1. Huskies??? I. LOVE. HUSKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *poofs up a magic wand and poofs up a litter of husky puppies*