About Bella

Hi! I'm Bella and I am so excited that I get to post on Sunday on SBATD! You may or may not know, I "help" my dolls run A Doll's Life.
My real name isn't actually Bella; it's just a name I chose for security reasons.
I have three dolls: Samantha (Pre-Beforever), Saige (GOTY 2013), and Katrina. (#19? Truly Me)
I love taking pictures of my dolls with my sister's Canon Rebel T3. (It's an awesome camera by the way.)
I'm a Christian! :)
I'm homeschooled.
I love reading, writing, and blogging.
I love sewing doll clothes for my dolls.
I have glasses.
I'm terrible with coming up with things about myself! :) (Anyone else have this problem?)
I take WAY too many pictures of my dolls.
I am great at procrastinating.
I am in between an introvert and an extrovert,
I like long boarding and bow shooting.
I think that that's about all. Maybe not, but I don't want to try and come up with more. :)

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  1. Great page, Bella! It was so cool getting to know more about you!:)