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The Detectives of Iris Valley (Episodes 1-8!)

Hello! I don't know if you know or not, but on my blog I'm doing a series called The Detectives of Iris Valley. I decided that I would post all the parts. Enjoy!

Starring Samantha as Iris.
Starring Saige as Miss Grace Fleur (Pronounced 'flower'.) 

Iris was sleeping peacefully under a pear tree. 
Her bangs were a mess.
While she was sleeping, a stranger crept around the corner.
Closer... Until
"Hello!" Iris jumped up.
She spun around and fixed her bangs. "Who are you?" she asked. No answer.
"Who are you, and what do you want?" she demanded.
The stranger answered, " I'm surprised you don't remember me."
She continued speaking. " Sit down, I don't want to inconvenience you." Iris sat down. "I am Miss Grace Fleur. Fleur is French for flower, and it's pronounced 'flower.'" Iris humphed. 
"Anyway," continued Miss Fleur. "We have a problem."
"Problem, what problem?" asked Iris.
"You are the gardener of Iris Valley, correct?" 
Iris nodded. "Correct."
"You know that the Mayor of the valley only likes irises?" questioned Miss Fleur.
Iris replied. "Yes, of course. I see to it that there are only irises." 
"All right. You will have to help me."
Iris was confused. "How?"
"There is a flower which is not an iris!"
"What?!" Iris was surprised.
"Show me," she demanded. 
"First lets see the irises," replied Miss Fleur.
"Right this way," Iris showed Miss Fleur.
"Here are some irises."
"And more."
Miss Fleur followed. "Let me show the invasive flower."
It was the next day. Miss Fleur decided to check on the flower that Iris called a Hyacinth. Miss Fleur was going to investigate who the culprit was. (Miss Fleur is a detective and a gardener.) When Miss Fleur got to the crime scene, she saw Iris.
Iris was bending over the Hyacinth. "Hm." thought Miss Fleur. "That's odd. She's not really a pink sparkly girl. And that's a ridiculous outfit to wear for gardening." Miss Fleur decided to speak at loud. "Hello Iris!"
Iris spun around. Miss Fleur gasped. It wasn't Iris!
Or was it Iris? Was Iris just dressing up as Iris? Or was Iris dressing up as this girl? Was it even Iris? Miss Fleur was confused. She decided to test something. "Hey Glassy Girl!
When 'Glassy Girl' heard the word glassy, she pushed up her glasses. "Hey Fleur." Miss Fleur noticed that she didn't say 'fleur' correctly.
"Hey! Was up?"
Miss Fleur was confused. (Again.) "Don't you mean, 'what's up'?"
'Glassy Girl' walked over. "Yah. You now what I mean."
Miss Fleur didn't trust this 'Glassy Girl'. "So, what where you doing?"
"What was I doing?" 'Glassy Girl' quickly realized her mistake.
"Oh I was just checking on the white and purple Hyacinth."
"White and purple?" Miss Fleur was almost positive that this wasn't Iris.
'Glassy Girl' suddenly left.
When 'Glassy Girl' left, Miss Fleur saw that she had dropped something.
It was a picture of a flower.
Miss Fleur picked it up.
It blew out of her hand and on to the pavement.
Miss Fleur bent down to pick it up, she fell over.
She sighed, because she couldn't read upside down. 
She picked it up again,
And turned it over.
She loved the bright orange color.
She read it aloud. "I will get another pet for you. Don't worry. M G. What is a pet?" Miss Fleur asked.
"Hey Miss Grace!" called Iris.
"Come over here please." As Miss Fleur moved her arm the note blew away from her.
Iris picked it up. "What's this?" she asked. "It is a pretty picture of a sunflower," she added.
It blew to the ground also.
She picked it up. Miss Fleur asked her a question. "How do you know what type of flower it is?" 
Iris laughed. "I used to be a Master Gardener." she answered nicely.
The note blew off again. Iris read it. "What does pet mean?"
Both Iris and Miss Fleur looked at the note.
Then it vanished!
"Let's go look for the note," suggested Iris.
Miss Fleur and Iris looked for a long time. "Last spot!" declared Iris.
She looked her way and Miss Fleur looked the other. 
She gestured to her way. "Nothing this way! What about you Miss Fleur?"
"Miss Fleur?"
Miss Fleur was asleep.
Iris shook Miss Fleur. "Miss- Grace- Fleur. WAKE UP!!" Iris yelled.
Miss Fleur jumped up and knocked Iris over.
"What? Did you find the note?" Miss Fleur asked.
"No, I didn't," replied Iris.
Iris leaned up against a tree. She was discouraged.
"We will never find it. I'm going have to tell the mayor," stated Miss Fleur.
Iris turned to stare at Miss Fleur, "No! Don't do that!" she pleaded.
(She really does looked scared. I don't know how it got like that.)
"Why not?" asked Miss Fleur 
"Because I need time." said Iris.
Iris started to explain. "Before The Mayor was mayor. There was a mayor called Mayor Kind. His real name was Mr. Green. He was the kindest and nicest mayor ever. I was his gardener because I was a Master Gardener. There were two people who wanted to be Mayor Kind's gardener."
"You and who else?" Miss Fleur interrupted.
"Don't interrupt," demanded Iris. "It was me and another fellow. I don't' remember his name. He was also a Master Gardener. When I was chosen instead of him, he was mad. And when I saw mad, I mean mad. My duties as Mayor Kind's gardener, was to identity new plants and flowers. I also went around the world to find new flowers for Mayor Kind. He loved all kinds of flowers." Iris was sad for a moment. "I don't know if you know this, but Mayor Kind had a brother. But he doesn't come up yet. Once when I had gotten back from a trip, I got a new kind of flower for Mayor Kind, a poor girl had found a new kind of flower. An Iris. Mayor Kind's brother loved this type of flower. He convinced his brother to change the name of Green Valley to Iris Valley. A week after the name was changed I got a call from an anonymous caller. That caller said they found a planthara praeclara plant. That weird name means Prairie Orchid. I talked to Mayor Kind, and he said to go! I went and picked up the flower." Iris paused for a moment. "When I got back, Mayor Kind's brother said that Mayor Kind had died when I was gone! Now that Mayor Kind was gone, his brother was mayor. He then appointed me to be his head gardener and destroy all the other flowers besides the Iris. Miss Fleur, do not tell anyone this part, I didn't actually destroy all the flowers that Mayor Kind had collected. They are in a greenhouse outside the Valley's limit. Oh, and do not tell anyone this either, I don't think Mayor Kind is dead, I just think his is gone. Or that his brother killed him," Iris said the last part quietly. 
Miss Fleur was shocked. "You think that Mayor Kind's brother killed him?" Iris nodded her head. "So you need time to find out what really happened to Mayor Kind?"
Iris nodded again. "Yes, I need time. Can you give it to me?"
Miss Fleur thought for a moment. "Yes, I can. It will be hard though because I am The Mayor's detective. I have to tell him about 'Glassy Girl'.
Iris was confused. "Glassy Girl? Who's she?"
Miss Fleur started to explain to Iris who Glassy Girl was. But before she finished talking, she was interrupted by a person clearing their throat. Miss Fleur looked down at the person's feet.

Oh, of course! One of The Mayor's workers.
She slowly kept looking up.

And up!
Finally Miss Fleur looked to the person's face.
The person spoke. "Hello Miss Fleur. I work for The Mayor. I need you to come in and answer a few of my questions."
"Why?" asked Miss Fleur.
"It's routine," the lady answered. "You know, just for a checkup on what you have been doing."
"So, come on. Let's go."
Miss Fleur wouldn't move.
"Come on. Follow me."
She turned around and started walking away.
She looked back to see if Miss Fleur was following.
She sighed.
She started waking towards Miss Fleur.
She grabbed her arm.
"Ow!" cried Miss Fleur.
For a moment Miss Fleur thought that the worker looked sad and sorry. Nope, the fierceness in her eyes had returned.
The worker pushed Miss Fleur towards the building.

                                                                 (Inside the building)

The worker and Miss Fleur entered the building.
The worker pointed to a bed. "This is where you will be staying."
"Here are some clothes for you."
The worker picked up the pile of clothes and handed it to Miss Fleur.
Miss Fleur reluctantly took the pile of clothes.
                                                              (A few minutes later.)

Miss Fleur changed her clothes. She heard the worker come back in the room. She turned her head to look.
Suddenly there was a chair there.
"Aw! Good, you have changed . Let me take your clothes and wash them."
The worker picked up the clothes. "Ahem. Your hat.
Sadly Miss Fleur took off her hat.
"Don't worry. You'll get your things back tomorrow." The worker left the room.
She returned. 
She walked over to Miss Fleur. "Can I get you anything?"
Miss Fleur didn't answer. Instead she just stared at the worker.
She looked over at the chair. There was a blanket.
Still looking at the door she picked up the blanket.

She unfolded it, and tried to go to sleep.

Miss Fleur sighed as she stepped outside. The routine questioning was finally done. Looking around, Miss Fleur tried to find Iris. When she didn't see Iris, she started to walk to find her.
Iris was muttering to herself, "What flower is this? Why is it here? Why is half of the plant on the border and half in the valley?"
She walked away from the dry area around the border. "How can it survive such dry conditions? Should I tell The Mayor about it, not tell him and try to figure out what kind of flower it is, not tell him right now, but tell him once I've figured it out?"
Iris leaned against the wall and sighed. She hadn't gotten very much rest lately because she kept walking around the valley looking for illegal flowers.
Iris looked up to see Miss Grace Fleur running towards her.
"Iris!" she panted. "I have a thought, but what are you doing by the border?"
She sighed and pointed to the flower. "The culprit has struck again." 
"That's not good," replied Miss Fleur. "But, I have a theory, about the note."
Iris stood up straighter. "You do?"
"Yes! I do. What if MG stands for Master Gardener?!" Miss Fleur excitingly told Iris.
"Wow! Miss Grace, you might be right! But, where did you go yesterday? I really needed your help."
"I'm sorry, but I was at torture," sighed Miss Fleur. "Okay, it wasn't really torture. Just standard routine questioning."
"Oh. I'm sorry that you had to go through that."
"It's fine Iris. What are you going to do about that flower?" asked Miss Fleur.
"Well," replied Iris. "I have three things I can do. I can either tell The Mayor about it now, I can study and figure what kind of flower it is, or find out what it is and then tell The Mayor."
"What are you going to do Iris?"
Iris made up her mind. "I'm going to..."
"I'm not going to tell The Mayor. But what should we do with the flower?" asked Iris.
Miss Fleur suggested that they should move the flower to the greenhouse and figure out what kind of flower it was.
Iris walked away and dug up the flower and put it in the greenhouse with the other flowers.
After moving the flower, Iris and Miss Grace sat down in the shade.
Iris sighed and looked off into the distance. "I'm discouraged Miss Grace. I just want to quit."
Miss Fleur looked at Iris.
"Why Iris? What's wrong?" Miss Fleur asked.
Miss Fleur placed her hand on Iris. "Don't be discouraged. We'll get to the bottom of this. You can't quit Iris. Listen, I'll tell you a little secret. Before you came, I didn't know what an iris was!"
Iris smiled a small smile. "I won't quit, yet. It's just I'm working for The Mayor, but I feel like I'm doing things behind his back. Like the flower we just moved. I don't know what I should do."
She stood up. "Well, one thing's for sure. We can walk around the valley and look for invasive flowers. Are you coming?"
While they were walking around, a person stopped them.
"I'm here to replace Miss Fleur," she said.
Have a wonderful day! I'm not home right now; I'm at my friend's house!

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