Tuesday, June 28, 2016

My Favorite Photos of My Dolls

Hey y'all!

Today I have a post about my favorite photos of my dolls that I've taken over about a year and a half.

Which picture is your favorite?

Monday, June 27, 2016

Molly Grills Out

Hey everyone! It's Molly here today, with a short photo story that Shelby-Grace put together before heading out to do a photoshoot with me. (which you will be seeing soon either on Shelby-Grace's main doll blog, Oh My Dollies, or next week here on our collab blog. :)  )

Today I'm helping Shelby-Grace and Shelby-Grace's mom make our supper.

We're making some Stove Top stuffing!

Here it is before it's cooked.

And, over here is our chicken before it gets grilled up.

Out to the grill!

Hmm, I wonder if I can reach that peach on our peach tree?

Got it!


Now, it's time for a photoshoot, which you'll be seeing soon, as I mentioned above. Stay tuned!

Thanks so much for reading, and have a great day. :)
Your friend, Molly McIntire

With some help from my "Doll Mom", 

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Introducing... the Surprise!

(Originally posted on A Doll's Life) 
Hello everyone! This is Samantha. Today I have the surprise you've all been waiting for! I'm so excited!
So, what is the surprise? You may ask. Well, I'll tell you. Bella had this awesome idea to take a book and have us dolls act it out. (If you have any book or short story suggestions, comment below.) Bella originally wanted to do the Secret Garden, but it was going to be a little hard. (She still wants to do it.) So the book that we have today that we are acting out is called..... In Grandma's Attic by Arleta Richardson! All writing goes to her. I am not taking credit for the writing. In this book; there are short stories with a girl called Mabel and her friend called Sarah Jane. Here is the poster and casting list. Enjoy!

"The Dishes"
(From Mabel's POV)
"It happened one day when I was about... the age old enough to know better. Right after breakfast, Ma was called to see a neighbor who was sick.
"Mabel," she said, "I'm afraid you will have to do the dishes alone. I'll have to hurry because I want to be back before dinnertime. They won't take long if you get right at them."
"Oh, Ma," I moaned, "Sarah Jane is coming this morning, and we wanted to take our dolls down to the creek to play. Do I have to?"
"I'm sorry," said Ma, "But it can't be helped. You're a big girl, and you can help out a little. Finish your breakfast now, and get started on the dishes."
I slowly finished my bread and jam, thinking how unfair life was, while Ma went to get ready. I was still sitting at the table when she left in the buggy for the neighboring farm.
Reluctantly I got up and began to clear the table. I hadn't moved very many dished before Sarah Jane appeared at the door. She carried her doll and was ready.
"Come on, Mabel," she said. "Let's hurry. We have to make our playhouse."
"I can't, Sarah Jane," I said. "I have to do the dished first. Ma had to got away."
"Do them when we come back," Sarah Jane suggested. "They'll wait until then. I can only stay 'till dinnertime."
"Oh, I couldn't do that," I said. "Ma wouldn't like it. She wanted her kitchen cleaned up first thing in the morning."
Sarah Jane came in and stood by the table. 
"These will take you all morning," she said. "Couldn't you pile them in a pan and put them out of sight until we came back?"
"Well," I said doubtfully, "where would I put them? The oven is too hot, and I can't put them in the cupboard with the clean dishes.
We thought for a moment; then Sarah Jane had an idea
"How about the root cellar?" she said. "No one would see them there. And we could get back in time for you to do them before your ma gets home."
It seemed like a reasonable idea. I stacked the dished in a big pan, wiped off the table, and started for the root cellar. It took both of us the open the big door, but after much pulling it swung back. I went down and out the dished on the shelf. 
Sarah Jane and I played under a tree by the creek.
The thought of the dishes never entered my mind again.
At noon, Sarah Jane had to leave, so we picked up our things and returned to the house. Ma was back and was busy getting dinner.
"Ring the dinner bell, Mabel," she said to me. "Pa and the boys (Mabel's brothers) are way at the back lot today. They'll need to get ready to eat."
I rang the bell, then washed and helped Ma set the table. Pa and the boys came, and we sat down to eat. About halfway through the meal, Ma went to the cupboard for the dish.
"Now where is that little platter?" she said. "It must have something on it in the pantry."

I stopped with the fork halfway to my mouth. The dishes! I forgot them in the root cellar. Now that Ma was back, how could I get them washed? I suddenly had no appetite.
"What's the matter, Mabel?" Ma said. "Are you sick? You hardly touched your dinner."
No, I'm not sick," I said. "I'm not very hungry. That's all.
"You probably spent too much time in the sun this morning," said Ma. "You'd better stay in the shade this afternoon."
I intended to stay in the shade-the shade of the root cellar, as soon as I could get there without being seen. Perhaps while Ma was in another part of the house I could do the dishes.
I hadn't counted on the fact, however that I couldn't open the cellar door by myself. Now what could I do? I couldn't ask Pa or the boys to do it; they would ask why and then I would be in trouble. 
All afternoon I moped around the porch, wishing the cellar door would open and swallow me up.
By suppertime, Ma was alarmed by my actions. When I couldn't eat, she was sure I was sick. Directly after the family prayer... Ma hurried me off to bed. She was sure I was coming down with something.
I tossed and turned in my bed. Why had I listened to Sarah Jane? What would happen when Man found out?
After what seemed hours to me, I could stand it no longer. I crept down to the kitchen, threw myself into Ma's lap, and sobbed loudly.
Ma was startled. Whatever was the matter? With much sniffling, I told her the story. Those dreadful dishes were still in the root cellar, and I couldn't get them out.
Ma took me into her lap. She was sorry to hear that I had been disobedient. However, I seemed to have suffered enough over it, so she wouldn't spank me. I did have to be punished though. I would not play with Sarah Jane anymore that week. 
My heart was so much lighter that the punishment didn't seem too bad. I returned to bed with a clear conscience and a resolve to be a better girl in the future. You really do feel better when you obey your father and mother, like the commandment says."
What do you think? That was a bit longer than I was hoping for, but I couldn't make it any shorter. Do you think that we should continue Mabel and Sarah Jane? Do you have any books that you would like to see us do? We'd love to hear your ideas even though we might not be able to do them.
Have you ever hid something like Mabel?

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Meet Allie and Her Dolls


I am one of the new authors here at SBATD and today I have a post about me and my dolls.  Here is my bio.

My name is Allie, I am a Christian, who lives in the South.

I post here every Tuesday and have two of my own blogs, Spreading My Joy and Sincerely Allie.

I absolutely love photography, I like to take photos of nature in my backyard and of my "models" which are my 18 inch dolls.  Once I become a developed photographer I'd like to start a business with my favorite hobby.

I also love writing songs or stories.

In my free time I like to snuggle up with a blanket and my dog Ellie.  I sometimes read, when I'm not riding my bike or doing some other kind of outdoor activity or hanging out with some of my best friends.

I am homeschooled, and I've always been. I love listening to music or reading my Bible while eating some chocolate chip cookies.

I'd call myself a slight clean freak, foodie, and germaphobe.

I can't keep quiet about my faith and my amazing God!  I am so blessed with this life and love.  Christ Jesus was crucified for me and you and His amazing love is everywhere, you just have to accept that He is the One True King.

Here are my dolls’ bios

Hey!  My name is Blythe Paisley, most people call me Blythe.  I am the creative asset in the family, I love painting and refurbishing some kind of rustic, old piece of furniture.  I'm the youngest in the family, but I'm usually not judged by that, and I feel that in some situations I can be more mature than some of the others girls.

My favorite colors are gray and purple, I love Girl Meets World and Full House.  My favorite movie is Descendants and my favorite book is The Wolves of Willoughby Chase.

I have light blue eyes, bright red hair, and pale skin.  I am a Joy doll from the Our Generation line at Target.

I am an ENTJ. (Extraverted, intuitive, thinking, judging)

Here are some posts about me.

Hello, my name is Emily.  I'm pretty introverted until you get to know me, and I'd love to be friends with you.  I love fantasies, dance, writing poetry, and photography.  My ideal day would be spent alone in my closet reading, or editing some of my photos.  I could spend all day on Instagram or watching my favorite show, Once Upon a Time.

I'm very unpredictable, mysterious, and can be a rebel at some times. I love Netflix and chocolate chip cookies.

I have dark blue eyes and light blonde hair with a pink streak.  I am a Kiana doll from the Our Generation line at Target.

I am an INFP (Introverted, intuitive, feeling, perceiving)

Here are some posts about me.

Hey guys!  My name is Johanna, but some people call me Jo or Joey-Nicole. Call me what you'd like, I love nicknames!  I'm really extroverted, if you can't tell already, and I love helping out however I can.  I love animals and learning new things.  I have my own style, and I love to look "cute" when going out of the house.

My favorite colors are blue and orange, maybe a little pink here and there.  My favorite TV shows are Sister Sister and Victorious.  I love the book series, Confessions of April Grace, and I've read all three books.

I have short blonde hair and blue eyes.  I am a Sadie doll from the Our Generation doll from Target.

I am an ESTP (Extraverted, sensing, thinking, perceiving)

Here are some posts about me.

Hi, my name is Julia.  I am very loving and kind. Very calm and soft-spoken.  I am the peacemaker in the family, and I love swim club, horse riding, writing books, singing, and making anything.  I love children and animals.

My favorite colors are olive green and oatmeal.  I love When Calls the Heart and Fixer Upper.  My favorite movie is While You Were Sleeping.  My favorite book series is High Hurdles.

I have teal eyes and dark red hair with a yellow streak and a blue streak.

I am an ISFJ (Introverted, sensing, feeling, judging.)

Here are some posts about me.

 Hey y'all!  I'm Lydia, and I love riding horses, reading, and hanging out with my besties.  I am outgoing and I'm not afraid to shine.  I like music and designing as well.  I've always been that little good girl and I am working on proving that I'm not who everyone thinks I am.  I can be a rebel and I don't care what others think.

I love fashion and makeup too.

My favorite colors are purple and light blue.  I love the TV shows Liv and Maddie and Friends.  My favorite movie is God's Not Dead.

My eyes are green blue and my hair is brown with a purple streak.  I am a Marie Grace doll from American Girl.

I am an ENTP (Extraverted, intuitive, thinking, perceiving)

Here are some posts about me.

Which doll is most like you?