Sunday, May 15, 2016

Throwback Thurs... Sunday!

Hello! Bella here. You might be wondering about the title. Well, I'm going to go grab a post from A Doll's Life posted sometime last year. And, it's called Throwback Thursday, but it's Sunday. Enjoy! (This is the second part of a small story called Sailors.)
Here is her outfit.
The hat.

The cute anchor.

The striped sleeve.

The little badge on the sleeve.

The whistle.

And the boots.
Now Saige and Samantha are ready to play sailors!
This was Samantha's reaction to Saige's outfit.
"What is that over your eye?" Samantha asked.
"It's a eye patch!" replied Saige.

Saige opened the door for Samantha.
"Come on aboard!" called Saige.

Samantha climbed into the boat.
Samantha sat down and got comfy.

"Ready?" asked Saige. Samantha nodded yes. Saige pushed off. They were going on a adventure into the deep blue sea.
"Look! cried Saige. "The Isle of Clams!" Samantha wasn't convinced. 
"Those are just plain old clam shells." Saige sighed.

"Here is the real Isle of Clams!" declared Saige.
"Better," Samantha decided.

"Samantha look! Bridge Beach!" Saige liked the little beach that she had discovered, and named.
"Look at the little bridge!" Samantha loved Bridge Beach.

Suddenly Samantha stood up. "Look!" she cried. Saige looked.
"It's a lighthouse in Maine! I just know it!" persuaded Samantha.
Saige wasn't convinced. "We aren't in Maine Samantha. We are in the Caribbean sea."
Samantha frowned. "Look at it! We are in Maine."
Saige sighed. "Fine. We were in Maine, but now we are in the Caribbean sea. Look at all the sea life underneath the water!

"Aren't all the sea animals amazing?" Saige asked.
"No," replied Samantha. "Because I can't see them. And I'm not sticking my head underwater!"
Saige sighed. "Fine. Don't look. Anyways we have to head back to land. Thanks for coming Samantha!"
Have a great rest of your weekend!

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