Friday, May 27, 2016

Easy watercolor dollhouse art!!

Hello!! I was painting with my sister today, and I decided to make a tutorial on how to make easy watercolor dollhouse art. ;)

What you shall need: 
• Index cards, paper, or card stock 
• Scissors
• watercolors (or any kind of paint)
• a covered surface 
• (optional) pen or marker

The first one I'll be making is a watercolor heart. Fold an index card in half, and cut out half of a heart shape. (See picture above)

Unfold the index card, and place it over another card. (You can tape it, but I didn't) 

Paint over the heart shape. (Don't be afraid to get messy; it makes it more realistic) ;D 

Lift up the cutout index card, and viola!! :D This one turned out messy, but I think it adds character. (I did make another less messy one though) 

I used the other cutout card by painting a lighter color paint to color the background. (Again, you can be messy)

If you want, you can use a pen or marker to write a favorite quote, or a drawing. :)
Have a great day!! ~Marissa

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