Sunday, May 29, 2016

My sewing project + a photo-shoot with Lilly!

Hello everyone! Awhile back ago I had gotten a onesie for my
American Girl dolls. I am currently working on finishing the shirt.  

I've made it smaller, but it's not small enough yet.
Now a photo-shoot with Lilly!

Does anyone know what kind of doll she is? I have one, my sisters each have one, but I don't know what kind of doll they are. We call them smelly dolls because their hair smells really good. If anyone one knows, please tell me! Thank you?
Do you sew?

Friday, May 27, 2016

Easy watercolor dollhouse art!!

Hello!! I was painting with my sister today, and I decided to make a tutorial on how to make easy watercolor dollhouse art. ;)

What you shall need: 
• Index cards, paper, or card stock 
• Scissors
• watercolors (or any kind of paint)
• a covered surface 
• (optional) pen or marker

The first one I'll be making is a watercolor heart. Fold an index card in half, and cut out half of a heart shape. (See picture above)

Unfold the index card, and place it over another card. (You can tape it, but I didn't) 

Paint over the heart shape. (Don't be afraid to get messy; it makes it more realistic) ;D 

Lift up the cutout index card, and viola!! :D This one turned out messy, but I think it adds character. (I did make another less messy one though) 

I used the other cutout card by painting a lighter color paint to color the background. (Again, you can be messy)

If you want, you can use a pen or marker to write a favorite quote, or a drawing. :)
Have a great day!! ~Marissa

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Just Leah - A Photoshoot

Hi everyone!:)
Leah was looking adorable in her outfit and I thought I would take some pictures!:) I hope you like them!

Isn't Leah so pretty? GAH! I can't even!;)
Which picture was your favorite?

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Grace In The Sun

Hey everyone! 

Today I will be sharing a photoshoot of Grace that I just took tonight. :D 

I hope you enjoy :)

I hope you enjoyed the photos! 

Do you own Grace or any other GOTYs? 

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Saige in Purple {An AGPS}


I'll be posting more photos on my blog, but for now I'm posting these. I've got to run; I'm going to go fly a kite!
Which was your favorite?

Monday, May 16, 2016

Goodbye To Two SBATD Members + Audition Information

Hey everyone! 

My post today will be a bit different than usual, since, as you may have read earlier this week, sadly two of our members, Polka Dot Bee and Leah, have resigned. :(

I would like to thank Leah and Polka Dot Bee for their participation in Seven Bloggers And Their Dolls, and I know we will miss her great posts on here :( 

Though, as you probably already guessed, that means that there are spots open again on Seven   Bloggers and Their Dolls, which means I will be holding auditions for the Tuesday and Wednesday spots!
So, yes, the Tuesday and Wednesday spots are open and I will be holding auditions! 

Don't worry--there's nothing hard about these auditions--the way they will work is you will send me a message using the Blogger Contact Forms on my main doll blog, Oh My Dollies, and in that message please include your name or your screen name, why you would like to join the collab, and whether you are auditioning for Tuesday or Wednesday. 

ALL brands of dolls are welcome on this blog, not just AG, so, if you have more than just AG dolls or  have another brand of doll instead, you can most certainly participate!

The auditions start on May 16, and will end on June 5 at 11:59 P.M. Eastern Time, and I will be announcing the new member on June 6 on both SBATD and my blog, Oh My Dollies, at 
8:30 A.M. Eastern Time, so please have your audition in by then :)

I hope you can audition! 

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Throwback Thurs... Sunday!

Hello! Bella here. You might be wondering about the title. Well, I'm going to go grab a post from A Doll's Life posted sometime last year. And, it's called Throwback Thursday, but it's Sunday. Enjoy! (This is the second part of a small story called Sailors.)
Here is her outfit.
The hat.

The cute anchor.

The striped sleeve.

The little badge on the sleeve.

The whistle.

And the boots.
Now Saige and Samantha are ready to play sailors!
This was Samantha's reaction to Saige's outfit.
"What is that over your eye?" Samantha asked.
"It's a eye patch!" replied Saige.

Saige opened the door for Samantha.
"Come on aboard!" called Saige.

Samantha climbed into the boat.
Samantha sat down and got comfy.

"Ready?" asked Saige. Samantha nodded yes. Saige pushed off. They were going on a adventure into the deep blue sea.
"Look! cried Saige. "The Isle of Clams!" Samantha wasn't convinced. 
"Those are just plain old clam shells." Saige sighed.

"Here is the real Isle of Clams!" declared Saige.
"Better," Samantha decided.

"Samantha look! Bridge Beach!" Saige liked the little beach that she had discovered, and named.
"Look at the little bridge!" Samantha loved Bridge Beach.

Suddenly Samantha stood up. "Look!" she cried. Saige looked.
"It's a lighthouse in Maine! I just know it!" persuaded Samantha.
Saige wasn't convinced. "We aren't in Maine Samantha. We are in the Caribbean sea."
Samantha frowned. "Look at it! We are in Maine."
Saige sighed. "Fine. We were in Maine, but now we are in the Caribbean sea. Look at all the sea life underneath the water!

"Aren't all the sea animals amazing?" Saige asked.
"No," replied Samantha. "Because I can't see them. And I'm not sticking my head underwater!"
Saige sighed. "Fine. Don't look. Anyways we have to head back to land. Thanks for coming Samantha!"
Have a great rest of your weekend!