Sunday, March 27, 2016

Who is This?! {Part 2}

Hello everyone! Today I have the long awaited post, part two of Who is This?!  I am so excited! Now, if anyone guessed the doll right, (I'm not saying if anyone did or didn't.) They will get a shout-out at the end of the post. Without further ado, I present to you part two of Who is This?!
(From Samantha's POV)
All of us dolls waited patiently (well some impatiently.) while Bella came in.
She slowly stared to open up the box.
There was a tiny crack, but we could not see anything yet.
There, in the box was our new sister Kaya,
She sat up. "Hello. My name is Kaya."
I went first and greeted our new sister. "Hello Kaya! I'm Samantha."
Kaya smiled. "I like your accent Samantha."
"Thank you!" I replied. Everyone loves my British accent. :)
Saige went next. "Yo Kaya! What's up? High five?"
Kaya looked down and mumbled. "I don't not know what high five is."
Saige just said, "Oh," really quietly and walked away.
At last it was Katrina's turn. "Hi Kaya! I'm Katrina! I'm so happy to meet you! Hug?" 
Kaya smiled the most she ever smiled. "I know what hugs are!" as she gave Katrina a hug.
Shout out to.......
No one! 
Thank you everyone to guessing, but no one guessed right! I read every comment and said, "It's so fun to see what people are guessing. No one has gotten it right yet!"
So yes, Kaya is the new doll. 
I really want to know what your reactions where! Comment below what your reaction was!
Have you ever gotten a new doll and no one guessed who is was?
Today is Easter! I wanted to talk a little about Easter. Now a days, people dye eggs, hunt for eggs, and get presents from the Easter bunny. Why do people think Easter is all that? Easter is a time of celebrating. Our Savior, Jesus Christ, died on a cross for our sins! Death on a cross was the worst way to die. It was slow, painful, and for criminals. You might be saying, "I thought Jesus was perfect. Why did he die on the cross?" Well, let me tell you. He died on that cross for you! Your sins can be taken away if you just believe.
As Christians, I think we focus on the cross too much. Yes, the cross is important, but I haven't gotten to the best part.
After three days of being died; Jesus rose from the dead! He conquered sin and death. I think as Christians we should be focusing on His rising from the dead and not as much on the cross and Christmas. It seems like we focus more on Christmas then we do on Easter. Easter is soo much important! Jesus died for everyone! 
When I was hanging up laundry one day, it hit me. Jesus bore the pain of the cross for you and me. He loves us that much!
Just imagine. You were convicted of a crime. You sentence is death. But, a stranger comes along. He is willing to take the punishment for you and save you. That stranger is our Lord Jesus Christ.
He is risen!
(If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. :) ) 


  1. kaya is so cute, would you recommend her?

  2. Awww, yay!! Congratulations on adding Kaya to your collection! :)
    And that was all beautifully written, Bella! And so true. The reason I think people focus more on Christmas is because everyone gets tons of presents. Sad, but true.
    Easter is VERY important! Jesus went through so much for us...
    Happy (late) Easter, Bella! :)