Friday, February 5, 2016

Snow Day!!!

Blue: Kimi
Purple: Danielle

I glanced at the front yard, in shock at the sight of all the snow.
"This is the best fort ever!! How in the world did you find it?"
"It is one of the forts Marissa and her sister built a few days ago." 
Danielle said, smiling. "Is this your first time playing in the snow?"
I nodded. ''Yep!! I love it!! Its so pretty!!"
Danielle spotted a narrow pathway up the hill and scrambled up to it.
 "I bet you can't catch me!! She shouted.
I scrambled up the hill after her and flung a poorly made snowball at Dani.
"Missed me!!" She shouted.

I packed together a better snowball and flung it at her again.
Dani shrieked in delieght, but her foot slipped on the ice, sending her
tumbling down the hill.
''Gotcha!! I shouted.''

I chased after her as she hopped behind a fake turkey, in hopes of shielding
her face from snowballs. After several minutes of snowball fights, she pointed
to a patch of ice, before running into the house.

 A few minutes later, she came running out with a pair of ice skates.
"Where did you find those?" I asked, pointing at the skates.
"Emma Jane let me borrow them." Dani replied, slightly out of breath from running.
 She was pretty good at it, for it being her first time. :)
I watched Dani skate for a while, an then we headed inside for some hot chocolate and cookies. :) Is there snow where you live? It is now halfway melted here. :/ Have a great evening!!!
With help from Marissa. :)