Thursday, January 7, 2016

Pictures from Lea Clark's Debut!

Hey everyone!
I have a new kind of post for you today, not a photoshoot! Yay for variety!;D
On January 1, I got to go to the Lea Clark debut with my best friend, Jaclynn, and I took some pictures!:)
This was the adorable display in the front of the store! Look at how cute it is!:D 
Lea's Bahia outfit, isn't it so cute! I love the shirt, with the tribal print it sort of reminds me of a tropical Saige.;D 
Lea's meet outfit and the beach outfit! I love the beach outfit, it's so cute!:) 
Lea's compass necklace, which comes with the doll, as well as the messenger bag.:) 
Look at her camera! I love it!:D 
One of Lea's swimsuits and her scuba gear. 
As soon as I saw this in the store, I got kind of upset because Jess had a kayak set. I am sad to see AG reusing idea, especially since they have THREE island-y GOTY's now. 
This display was set up with its back against the sun, which made for fuzzy and dark pictures, but I thought you still might like to see the rain forest hut!:D I love this thing, it would make for awesome photostories!:) 
Her cat, I can't recall the name Mongol or something?;) It's cute, but with its eyebrows like that, it looks very sinister...;D 
I didn't get a whole picture of Lea's fruit stand, only detail shots. Isn't her ice tub so cute? 

Again, the annoying sun flare stuff, but this outfit is just too cute! I think I might get it sometime.:D
I hope you liked the pictures. I had a ton of fun at her debut.:)
What's your favorite thing from Lea's collection?

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  1. I'm really not a huge fan of Lea's collection... It's sort of overpriced, and mimics many past AG items. Lea herself is alright I suppose, but not incredibly stunning. I'm rather disappointed with the 2016 Girl Of The Year. That's just my opinion though. ;)