Monday, January 4, 2016

Part 3 Of My Lea Clark Reviews: Lea Clark's Baby Sloth

Hey everyone! Today I will be doing Part 3 of my Lea Clark collection reviews, and this time I will be reviewing...

Lea Clark's Baby Sloth! :D I hope you found the silly galaxy photo edit amusing ;) 

This Baby Sloth is 7.5" long, and is perfect to be a pet for 18" dolls :D
He retails for $20 on, which I think is a bit overpriced, but overall not too expensive :) 

Here's a look at his sweet, expressive face :) I just love his little smile! :D 

The Baby Sloth has two sets of velcro, on his front and hind paws.

Unfortunately, though, the velcro isn't very strong and the paws have a tendency to come apart and snag Grace's sweater, so I'd recommend making sure your doll isn't wearing any delicate materials while holding her sloth ;)

The sloth also has amazingly soft fur, and it's such a realistic color!

Here's Mr. Sloth posed with Grace so you can see how tall he is ;)

Overall, I absolutely adore this sloth and I think he's a perfect addition to my doll family ;) 

Also, in case you were wondering what happened to the lighting, unfortunately I had to use our living room lamp, a makeshift reflector (two poster boards), and tons of Picmonkey editing, because it has been so cloudy and rainy outside that it was too dark to stand Grace in my traditional in-front-of-the-Christmas-tree spot :P 

Here's a behind the scenes look at the the setup:

That's it for my review! Stay tuned for a review of Lea's Margay Cat, coming soon! 


  1. The sloth is adorable! <3

  2. The sloth is so cute! I love how its little paws velcro together :)

    - Ellie