Friday, January 22, 2016

Caption This!!!

What do you think is going on here?
What are Kimi (Black hair) and Emma Jane (Blonde) doing?
Leave your caption in the comments!!
I will post all of the captions next Friday. :)
Have a great evening!!!


  1. Blonde:Where are you going!!!
    Brown hair:Uh to the rollerskating rink!*whispers under breath*also known as away from here,

  2. Blonde: Um.... what on earth are you doing?
    Brunette: Going roller skating, of course!
    Blonde: But it's the middle of winter! It's supposed to snow in a few hours!
    Brunette: Well, in that case..... LET'S GO ICE SKATING!!!!
    Blonde: Oh boy.....

  3. Emma Jane: How exactly are roller skates going to help you become a faster swimmer?
    Kimi: It will develop strong muscles in my legs for kicking.
    Emma Jane: Okay, whatever, but Marissa just brought out cookies.
    Kimi: Serious exercise takes no breaks for sugar- did you say cookies?!?!?!

  4. Kimi: Okay, okay, I got this.

    Emma Jane: Are you sure it's a good idea to roller blade on gravel?

    Kimi: Well of course! I have to be named Most Daring Daredevil of 2016 somehow!

    Emma Jane: ... Okay... Don't hurt yourself!!

    Kimi: Daring Daredevils have no concept of - *falls* OWWW!

  5. Emma Jane: Kimi! I thought we were going to roller blade, like, on the sidewalk.
    Kimi: I went too fast. I needed somewhere with more friction.
    Emma Jane: You can't even move...
    Kimi: Exactly! Now I won't fall down!
    Emma Jane: (roll eyes) ^^'