Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A Comparison Between Lea and Jess

Hi! This week I decided to do something different than my usual photoshoot. Instead, after reading Leah's post (link) about the similarities Kanani and Lea this got me thinking about how Lea and Jess's collection are really similar to each other also.  
While they don't look similar at all Lea's collection more or less looks like an updated version of Jess's collection.  
How similar are they?       

image credit American Girl 
The meet outfit, at first, doesn't contain any similarities. The only thing I can really notice is that they both have braided sandals.               
image credit American Girl
One of the first things I noticed was the camera, both dolls have them. Jess's accessories included a canvas bag, which Lea has included with the doll but as a messenger bag. Also, note the butterfly theme in Jess as well as Lea's collection! They also both have passports, which is kind of a given as both travel out of the U.S. in their story. Jess also has a stuffed monkey, while Lea's "real" sloth and other animals are separate.          
image credit American Girl
Now, Jess didn't have a rain forest hut but one thing I noticed was they both have a hammock, the only difference was one hangs from a tree and another hangs down from a hut. Oh, and one plays jungle music ;) 
image credit American Girl 
The dolls don't even have similar looking pajamas, except for the er, interesting slippers on both of them, each adorned with a corresponding flower/rhinestone. Did you notice that Jess's pajamas have butterflies on them?  

image credit American Girl   
The most obvious similarity to me was the kayak, one of the only differences I noticed is the color and one's inflatable and one's plastic. They both include a life vest and paddle, and on one of the sides they both have a saying such as "Discover Bahia" or "Belize Kayak Adventure." Even down to the tie-dye on the paddles and elastic compartment/holder look similar. Except one paddle doesn't rattle like a rain stick :)
image credit American Girl
Another really similar outfit is the 2 in 1 swimsuit/kayak set.  
Both include two outfits, one tankini and one rashgaurd-like outfit. Jess's includes extras like shoes (that's always a plus!), sunglasses and sunscreen!Lea's extras include a headband.  
In conclusion? Lea and Jess have different collections but they both have items in each that definitely reflect the other one, which I find interesting. 
Sometimes the same idea can be boring used twice but for those looking to find a substitute to Lea's pricey collection can find similar items made by AG on the secondary market.    
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    Personally, she reminds me a lot more of Jess. Because sure, Kanani's story also took place in a tropical location - but she lived there. Plus, it was in the Pacific Islands. Lea and Jess both visited - not lived in - Latin America.
    And yes, their swimsuits and immense amount of colors in their collection do strike me as being extremely similar.
    Also, have you noticed - other than Marisol (2005) and Sonali (if she even counts, she had no collection), all the stories of AG's ethnic GOTYs have taken place in some sort of tropical location? And how many Caucasian GOTYs have visited the tropics? Hmm, let me think - oh, right. None. Ethnic people are found in places other than the tropics, just saying, AG. They live in this country too.

    - Ellie

  2. I never really thought about Jess, considering I was 1 year old when she was GOTY, and the fact that I had no clue what AG was at the time. I've really never had the chance to look at Jess's collection. So thank you for doing this comparison! I deffinetly see what your talking about, many of Lea's items are much alike to Jess's. Some items were improvements though! For example, the kayak. The inflatable one would be uh...difficult to use. And maybe the hammock. Although Lea's is crazy expensive and I will not be purchasing it, Jess's palm tree looks VERY fake! I think overall I prefer Lea's collection to Jess's. What do you think PDB? Do you like Lea or Jess?

  3. I can see the resemblance here immensely. Especially with the kayaks and swimsuits.