Thursday, December 31, 2015

Lizzie Hearts - A Photoshoot

Hi everyone!
(Can you believe tomorrow is THE NEW YEAR? Who's ready for 2016? I'm SO ready!:D Is anyone going to the Lea Clark Debut?)
I'm back to my usual schedule and I am here with a photoshoot of my new Ever After High doll, Lizzie Hearts!:D I got her for Christmas and she's so pretty! I have been wanting her for a year or more, and when I opened her I was freaking out inside!;)
I've been waiting to take pictures of her and finally on Tuesday I got to photograph her! She really is so photogenic and I wish I had had more time to take more photos.
I love this picture! On my blog, when I get caught up with all of my EAH dolls' profiles, this will be Lizzie's profile photo.:) 
I think that Lizzie's outfit is one of my favorite EAH outfits so far! She has a lot of different patterns going on, but they are all in the same color scheme so it works!  
Like, look at her shoes! They are adorable, but, then again, ALL of Ever After High's doll shoes are amazing.;) 

I hope you liked the pictures! I had so much fun taking them!:D
'Til next week--


  1. Lizzie looks very pretty! Great job, your photos are always so pretty! :)
    I am excited for Lea, but I won't be purchasing her. Are you?

  2. I love Lizzie's hairstyle! Congratulations on getting her! :D I absolutely LOVE Lea and all of her collection and I can't wait to go to her debut tomorrow! Will you be going to her debut, Emma? :)

  3. I love my Lizzie Hearts! In my opinion, she's one of the most beautiful EAH dolls ever. :) Yours is gorgeous!

  4. I just love her outfit and she is one of my favorite EAH dolls, congratulations on getting her!