Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Hollyday Twins

 On my blog yesterday I posted a few photos of Charlotte dressed up for Christmas with a circle skirt I had made. I forgot to include pictures of Mia in the second skirt I made with that post so here are a few of them together! 


Both Charlotte and Mia look great in red and green! A color combination that suits their hair/eye colors perfectly :) 
Almost twins. 
Which style do you prefer?, Historical or Modern? 
Comment below! 
Thanks for looking,  
To fluff up Charlotte's skirt I used a now sew crinoline, see if you can spot it in the last picture! Definitely not the greatest color choice ;)


  1. They look so much alike! I like the historical look more.

  2. Charlotte and Mia are adorable! Could you do a tutorial of the crinoline? Thanks! Lovely photos!
    ~The Girl Upstairs
    I prefer Historical to Modern any day. :)

  3. I prefer the historical, yet I adore Mia's sweater!