Thursday, December 31, 2015

Lizzie Hearts - A Photoshoot

Hi everyone!
(Can you believe tomorrow is THE NEW YEAR? Who's ready for 2016? I'm SO ready!:D Is anyone going to the Lea Clark Debut?)
I'm back to my usual schedule and I am here with a photoshoot of my new Ever After High doll, Lizzie Hearts!:D I got her for Christmas and she's so pretty! I have been wanting her for a year or more, and when I opened her I was freaking out inside!;)
I've been waiting to take pictures of her and finally on Tuesday I got to photograph her! She really is so photogenic and I wish I had had more time to take more photos.
I love this picture! On my blog, when I get caught up with all of my EAH dolls' profiles, this will be Lizzie's profile photo.:) 
I think that Lizzie's outfit is one of my favorite EAH outfits so far! She has a lot of different patterns going on, but they are all in the same color scheme so it works!  
Like, look at her shoes! They are adorable, but, then again, ALL of Ever After High's doll shoes are amazing.;) 

I hope you liked the pictures! I had so much fun taking them!:D
'Til next week--

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Where's the Snow?!?!

As you can probably tell by the pictures, it's late December in the northern U.S. and there's no snow. xD

Which pic was your favorite? Have you gotten snow yet? Comment below, and have an awesome day. :)

- Ellie

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Santa Claus is Coming to Town!

Hi everyone!
Gosh, my schedule has really been torn apart these past couple of weeks!;D I totally forgot what day it was, I  just keep thinking- Christmas Eve, Day Before Christmas, The HARDEST Day To Get Through in the Whole Year....etctera.;)
I am so stinking excited for Christmas! Presents are under the tree, the anticipation that only Christmas Eve can bring is upon me!:D
I took these pictures of my Barbie, Alice, who is wearing her Santa/Christmas inspired outfit, then, since taking pictures at night can make pictures grainy, I edited them to be black-and-white!:)
Here they are!

I'm hoping that once the crazy Christmas season cools down, my posts will be back to normal.;) I hope you liked the pictures, and I hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas Eve (try to hang in there, okay?;D) and a super fun Christmas!:D

Monday, December 21, 2015

Addy's New Christmas Doll

Hey everyone! Today I thought I'd share some fun photos I took of Addy receiving her new doll as an early Christmas present this year :) 
I edited all three of these photos on PicMonkey to give them a vintage/old-fashioned effect, just for fun, too :D 

In case you were curious, Addy's doll is a little Christmas ornament I picked up on sale at Target today ;)

Just for fun, I snapped a full-view picture of Addy in front of our Christmas tree--can you spot her and her new dolly? ;) 

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you have a wonderful week with your family and friends and get to enjoy a wonderful, dolly-filled Dolliday ;)

Friday, December 18, 2015

A Fairy Nice Christmas Tree - A Few Pictures :)

Hi everyone!
Gee, it's almost ten o' clock, sorry 'bout that! I was super busy, but luckily I already took some pictures yesterday that would work well for a mini "I totally forgot" post.;)
Here they are!
I took these pictures with my Zarina and Faybelle Thorn doll.:) They are both fairies, which I thought was pretty cute.;) 

I hope you liked the pictures!:) Sorry again that I don't have a full post, usually I schedule my posts, but things are a bit busier with Christmas coming up!:D

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Hollyday Twins

 On my blog yesterday I posted a few photos of Charlotte dressed up for Christmas with a circle skirt I had made. I forgot to include pictures of Mia in the second skirt I made with that post so here are a few of them together! 


Both Charlotte and Mia look great in red and green! A color combination that suits their hair/eye colors perfectly :) 
Almost twins. 
Which style do you prefer?, Historical or Modern? 
Comment below! 
Thanks for looking,  
To fluff up Charlotte's skirt I used a now sew crinoline, see if you can spot it in the last picture! Definitely not the greatest color choice ;)

Monday, December 14, 2015

Kirsten Makes Lefse!

NOTE FROM SHELBY-GRACE: I am so sorry, but since it's been so rainy and cloudy for the past week or so, I wasn't able to take the photos of Kailey liked I'd mentioned :( However, I do have a slightly different post than usual to share with you today! :D I hope you enjoy!

Hello everyone! It's Kirsten posting here today, sharing about some of Shelby-Grace's family's Christmas baking! 
Today we're making one of Shelby-Grace's simple but tasty favorites, featuring Shelby-Grace's mom :D (As you can see, she's wearing her "I Heart Norse" shirt since this is a traditional Norwegian staple, since most of Shelby-Grace's mom's ancestors are from there :)  ) 
The food we are making today is, as I mentioned above, a traditional Norwegian staple, called lefse (pronounced leff-suh).

Lefse is made over the course of two days, so on the first day a mixture using potatoes, butter, salt, milk, and dash of sugar, is mixed up, and stored in the refrigerator until the next day. Then, on the second day the mixture is removed, a bit of flour is added, and then shaped into small balls.

After these steps are completed, here's what comes next:

Flour is added to the lefse roller's cover, and also to the cutting board's cover. 

The ball is rolled out very thinly, about the size and shape of a tortilla shell.

A lefse turner is used to lift the lefse onto the griddle.

Then, the lefse is placed onto the griddle like so:

After a few minutes, the under side of the lefse will be a golden, light brown, with a few darker spots. Then the lefse will be turned to the reverse side, using the lefse turner.

Ta-da! Here's the finished product! Though it greatly resembles a Mexican tortilla shell, it has a more distinctive potato flavor and a different overall texture. It's a very tasty, easy-to-make food that Shelby-Grace's family loves to eat with strawberry jam or cinnamon sugar, although it was traditionally served just with butter :D

Love, Kirsten 

and a bit of help from:

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Blue Eyes, Blue Dress - A Photoshoot

Hey everyone!
I don't think I posted last week...I'm really sorry about that!:( I was really busy and I think I was getting prepared for a play and doing school and such.:/
But here are the pictures I was supposed to post last week!:)

Gosh, Eden is so pretty! I feel that that dress really makes her eyes pop!:D
What's your favorite eye color for dolls?:)