Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The $300 AG Challenge

Hi! For today's post I wanted to try something different from another photoshoot. I wanted to decide, if I had, let's say, $300 what would I buy from AG? It might sound easy, but it definitely isn't. Why not just $100 or $500? I feel like with just  100 it's not much, with 500 it's a lot, so 300 is the happy medium.   You should try this, pull up the AG website, grab a calculator and of course look through your wishlist ;)  

My very first thing I would buy would be Truly Me #58- 
image credit American Girl 
She is such a cutie! I think she has a great personality. 

The next item I would love to get is Grace's Baking Set, a must have for any baker. 
image credit American Girl 
The mini kitchen aid mixer is awesome.  

Now... I would probably go with Rebecca's Seashore Set! 
image credit American Girl 
It's currently on sale and I would really love to get it before the year ends.  

Already at $217!! Hmm... it was a tough choice but Rebecca's Bedroom Accessories won ;) 
image credit American Girl   
Ever since this set came out I've wanted it!
 Perfect accessory to Rebecca's room. 

No questions about the next one- Shearling Boots 
image credit American Girl 
Why does AG always make awesome shoes that my dolls need? 

The next one is another small accessory, the doodle earring set.  
image credit American Girl 
This set is one of my favorite earring packs to come out in a while, after Grace's cute bow earrings I knew I needed a few more like it :)  

Wohoo! This ended up being $291!  
This was fun to do, although I have to say kind of sad, especially compared to what you could buy on Etsy or Ebay for $300. Or, even OG! This was a figurative post, no, I won't be buying all of this at once but I do want to buy at least my top three soon :)  
What would you buy? 
Thanks for looking!, 


  1. I just realized that AG is so expensive! xD And yes, its SO easy to spend that much in that store...

  2. This such a creative idea! I love it :D Great job, Polka Dot Bee!
    I love all the items you chose! If I also, as you said, figuratively, had $300 to spend at AG, I would choose:

    American Girl Doll Beforever Kaya ($115)
    Beforever Maryellen's Sofa Bed Set ($150)
    Beforever Julie's Holiday Outfit ($34)

    Wow, I just realized this all came out to exactly $299! :D That was definitely not intentional :)
    This was so much fun to do! Thank you for this very fun post :)