Thursday, November 12, 2015

Just Because it's Fall Doesn't Mean You Can't Wear Dresses

Hi everyone!
Isabelle is here to tell you that just because it's fall it doesn't mean you can't wear dresses-
Hi! It's Isabelle! I'm here to tell all of the dolls out there reading this, that since it's fall, you may think to yourself- I can't wear a dress, I'll freeze!
But that is just not the case. 
Here are some ways to wear dresses in the fall-
Add leggings.
If you add leggings (or even tights) it will automatically make your outfit much warmer. 
Put on a cardigan or jacket!
This will cover up your arms and keep you warm on those chilly days! 
Wear a sweater dress!
When it's cold out, sometimes it's best to wear something thicker than a normal, breezy dress.
Go out shopping for a sweater dress and bam! automatic warmness!;) 
Wear some boots.
With certain dresses you can pull this off.:) 
And that's mostly it! I hope this helped you!:)
Here are some extra pictures that Emma took of me-

-Emma and Isabelle~