Friday, November 20, 2015

How to make a thanksgiving silver holder for dolls!!

Hello!!! Today I am going to be making a doll sized thanksgiving silverware holder. I made a TON of these (in a bigger scale, of course) for my family's thanksgiving dinner. I had all the supplies, so I tried to make a doll sized version. Here is the actual holder:
It has a place to write 3 things you are thankful for. (Please ignore the funny looking turkey) :) Here is the doll sized version:

~What you will need~
-a paper bag
-pen (optional)

First, cut a tiny piece of your paper bag, and fold it, with the back part slightly higher than the front. 
Take a pen or a marker and write "Count your blessings" and write the numbers.
Take a ruler and draw a straight line under the one, two, and three. 
So it looks like this. :)
Now the fun part: grab some markers (I used fall colors) and draw a design on the bottom. I did little dots, but you could do leaves, turkeys, or whatever you like.
Now take a piece of tape and stick it on one side.
Turn the holder over and fold over the tape.
Like this. Repeat on the other side so it makes a pocket, and your done!!!!
I made ones for all my dolls. :)
Have a great evening!! ~Marissa