Monday, November 23, 2015

Flora and Eleanor in the Snow Flurries!

Hey everyone!

Today I will be sharing a photoshoot I did featuring Flora and Eleanor out in the snow flurries! (I had actually taken these photos on Saturday morning, and it was actually a coincidence that Ellie had done a similar photoshoot! :) )

Here's the photos:

(Since Flora's photoshoot was first, there was less snow in the background ;)  ) 

And now here is Eleanor's photoshoot: 

Thank you so much for reading and have a Happy Thanksgiving! :) 


  1. Flora is so pretty! Her hair and glasses and.... XD I love the pictures! I wish it would snow where I live. :(

  2. Pretty photos! I love Eleanor's glasses! And a happy thanksgiving to you too! ^.^

  3. Love these photos! The snow looks so pretty in Flora's hair.

  4. So pretty! There was only a little snow on Saturday morning, and I was gone so I missed it.:( Oh well. There will always be more snow soon! :)

  5. I'm so jealous! It doesn't snow where I live, so my winter photography is just dried-up plants and mud. Right now the weather is petty cold though, it's like 50 degrees. (Fahrenheit.) The pictures are wonderful, I love Flora's dress but I prefer Ellie's photos since there's more snow in the background, as you mentioned.