Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Felicity and Caroline's Room

Hi! While trying to decide what to post I remembered a week ago I finished another room and tried taking a few pictures. I really need a tripod after trying to take pictures, my hands can be so shaky! 

This has to be my favorite room currently, everything came together so well. While I wish the bedroom was bigger so the bed wouldn't dominate more than half of the room (I'm just thankful it actually fit!) I think the current setup is great. I used a command hook to hang up the beautiful picture I found at a thrift store more than a year ago (so happy to finally hang it up!). The tea set was a vacation find, I wanted a tea set and this one presented itself for less than $10! A little small but super pretty and well made. I love the cute antique Windsor chair I found a while ago, the perfect finishing touch!  
p.s. Favorite item in the bedroom? Also, Happy Veterans Day! 


  1. What a great setup! I (The Girl Upstairs) am making Felicity and Elizabeth quilts for their bunk beds. One of the squares looks exactly like Felicity's bedspread!
    What a cute room for Felicity and Caroline!

  2. What would make a good room for 2 dolls? I've made one doll room and it is very small, dark , and has very little in it. The main "room " in my doll place is a lounge like area with a table , 3 chairs, a clothing chest, and I walk in style fridge. 2 of the chairs can be switched into a cot like thing when a coat of bubble wrap is added. I have doll glasses and such along with a doll sized radio I bought for $11 as stated I also have a bedroom I set up . Any ideas on how to make it nicer ? I have 6 dolls and not enough beds . The bedroom can hold up to 2 dolls but made for one. The lounge can lodge 2 dolls. One of them tends to make hammocks to sleep on . I need a few more beds...

  3. So cute! What is the little picture frame a picture of? I love their room!

  4. So cute! I love the look that the old looking furniture gives. ^_^