Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Charlotte's Favorite Hairstyle

While checking out @5hensandacockatiel's recent posts I found the cutest picture of her Truly Me #61 with a simple, yet pretty, hairstyle. I recreated the same hairstyle and I can truthfully say this hairstyle looks great in person and on camera. When I posted this photoshoot on my blog,Lilah requested a tutorial! Of course I would show you what I did! Usually all of my hairstyles I follow videos on YouTube but one search and I couldn't find a tutorial. So I winged it ;)  
Start with the hair down, I recommend a doll with medium length hair and definitely not stick straight. 

Split the hair into two equal sections, tie one off with an elastic ponytail holder. 

Starting close to the middle part take a small section of hair, divide it into two sections and twist two times. As you twist add small sections of the hair to the two parts and keep twisting. Repeat until you run out of hair.  

Wrap the ponytail holder around the hair two times, as you wrap it around the third/fourth time and pull the hair through leave it halfway. Optional: you can leave it be or if you have enough hair wrap it around, concealing the elastic and tuck back through. 

Repeat on other side. 

And enjoy your simple and quick hairstyle!  
Questions?Comment below.  

For the last two days the WiFi has been super slow and uploading pictures to Blogger took way longer than it's supposed to. It's been really frustrating!!   

Thanks for looking!, 
P.S. One of my recent attempt at indoor photography, better? ;)


  1. Wow! Its really cute, and looks so hard to do!! Really pretty, and I love your doll :)

  2. Thank you so much for this! I have #61(Amy) and have been trying to think of some creative hair styles for her. I've heard that braids can mess up #61's hair, do you know it this is true?


  3. That's the cutest hairstyle I've ever seen <3

  4. OK. This is the most amazing doll hairstyle I have ever seen! Wow! Also, your #61 is GORGEOUS!

  5. Awesome hairstyle! I definitely want to try that on my dolls! And your inside photography is very good!:D

  6. Any tips for giving your doll freckles? What color do you use/prefer?