Saturday, November 28, 2015

A Girl for All Time Dream Wishlist!

Hey guys! This week, I'm going to share my wishlist of items from A Girl for All Time (a 16 inch historical doll brand). So, without further ado, let's get started!

1. Lydia, Your Georgian Girl ($109.00)

Lydia's so pretty! I love her hair and eye color combination. Plus, her time period is my absolute favorite!

2. Clementine's Party Dress & Petticoat ($39.99)

I originally wasn't a big fan of this outfit, but then I saw @karaleels's photos of her Clementine in it on Instagram and fell in love! It's such a sweet color and design, and I love how the skirt puffs out with the petticoat.

3. Mathilda's Masked Ballgown ($19.99)

I love the colors here - they go together so well! Plus, I'm a sucker for outfits from the Tudor time period. xD

4. Amelia, Your Victorian Girl ($109.00)

I love Amelia's meet outfit - the color is my favorite! And her hair looks like it would be super fun to style.

5. Mathilda's Velvet Cloak ($27.99.)

Such a gorgeous and rich color! Plus, it looks so soft.

Well, those are the items I want from A Girl for All Time! Do any of you have AGAT dolls? If so, which ones? If not, do you want any? And what do you think of the line? Comment below, and see ya next Saturday. :)

- Ellie


  1. I don't own ant AGAT dolls, though I want one! My favorites are Clementine and Sam. The outfits are all so well made and detailed!

    1. I agree! I adore their clothes - the quality is just awesome!

  2. These dolls are so pretty!
    I don't have one YET but christmas is coming up...

    1. I know right!
      Ooo, I hope you get one!

  3. Ooh, those dolls are super pretty. But I still prefer AG dolls....for some reason these dolls look breakable to me. :)

    1. IKR!
      Yeah, I think they're meant to be heirlooms a little bit more than playthings.