Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Halloween Party Fail!

I think this picture can perfectly explain my experience with this party scene- 

I *was* going to take these pictures inside the largest room of the dollhouse because it actually had decent lighting when I started setting up, by the end there was none at all.  
So instead I dragged everything outside and set up. 

It was actually looking really nice by the time I set up, but, like the first picture, mostly everything went wrong. 

It was still fun!

I managed a few pictures..

and a few unique angles..

plus it was just really fun to have a photoshoot of most of the dolls together!

I really loved dressing the dolls up in costumes and making doll sized candy bars!

Lindsey dressed up as Mickey Mouse.

Caroline was the sugarplum fairy. 

Charlotte was a spider/witch.

Mia was an Olympic ice skater. 

Kirsten was a prom queen.   

Libby dressed up as a butterfly queen!

Rebecca was a safari guide. 

I love how Marie Grace's outfit came out, she dressed up as a Greek goddess. The costume was fairly simple and her hair was so fun to style! 

Just a few extra pictures for fun ;)


While the party idea didn't turn out as planned I really love how everything else turned out!  
Favorite costume?  
Thanks for looking!, 


  1. I love Caroline's costume! Everything is super cute from the costumes to the doll sized candy!

  2. I love Marie Grace's outfit!

  3. How did you make the goddess costume?