Tuesday, October 13, 2015

fun with buns || 3 quick and easy hairstyles for your doll

hey guys! today i'm gonna be showing you three quick and easy hairstyles that involve buns, as well as being cute when being styled neatly or a bit disheveled. ;)

what you need

a doll (any length longer than kit's should work, but shorter hair may not work well for style 2)
a wire wig hairbrush
a spray bottle full of water (optional)

**not shown but needed**
some hair elastics (2 at the most)
bobby pins/hairpins

style one || half bun

the first thing you're going to do is separate your doll's hair into a top half and a bottom half.

once that's done, you're going to secure the top half with your hair elastic...

and finally, you're just going to twist and pin in place like you would a normal bun.

style two || messy bun with a twist

first, take a small section of hair from the top of your doll's head...

and start twisting it, adding in more hair as you go.

stop twisting once you reach just below their ear.

the last step is to just gather the rest of the hair into a low side ponytail and from there create a loose messy bun.

this one's my personal favorite. ^-^

style three || double top-knots

for this, you just need to gather a section of hair on one side of your doll's head...

please ignore the flyaways, haha. i ran out of water and was too lazy to go get more.

and pin it into a top knot. repeat on the other side, and you're done! ( i didn't show the repeat simply to save time)

thanks for reading, i hope you found these helpful. :)



  1. Awesome post! I especially love the second one - I can just imagine it at a fancy ball or dinner.

  2. How cute! I actually just got done doing a bun just like the one in the second example--I was so excited to see it was in your tutorial, too! :)

  3. These are some beautiful styles-I'll probably use these when I dress all my doll in their Christmas attire!

  4. I love the hairstyles! :) I'll totally try them on my dolls. :D

  5. Lovely post, Maddie! The second hairstyle is my favorite. I think I'll try it this week. ;)


  6. These are so pretty! ^_^ the 2nd is my fav too =]
    ~j <3