Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Candy Corn Card

Hello! With Halloween right (!) around the corner I wanted to create a mini series.I say mini because this will literally be only maybe two posts ;) I honestly have been wanting to post this craft since October 1st after a recent trip to the hardware store (bringing a bunch of paint samples with me) but I kept putting it off.   
Just look at the lovely fall colors! Judging by the title I'm guessing  you think this tutorial will be about making a card, but to what? A Halloween party of course!!

Start out with drawing the shape of a candy corn (Tip: Have a doll sitting next to you while you do this, to make sure the scale is correct!) Card-stock would be the best. 

Cut it out along with however many you plan on making, cutting out an extra to use as a guide for the next step. 

Cut it into thirds, with the largest piece on the bottom and gradually getting smaller. 

Using a glue stick you can temporarily glue the bottom piece to the yellow! Don't worry, it will come off :) Repeat with the orange paint chip. 

Assembles the pieces together, and start gluing!

Carefully trim and step back and admire your adorable card!

On the back write, in teeny-tiny print, information for the party. 

Almost done! Now for the envelope. 

Cute a piece of white paper into a square and then fold in half. 

Fold down one piece as shown, this will help hold the card in place without it showing!

Take the pointed ends and fold inward, gluing down. 

Tuck the card in..

On the front add an address..

With the extra paint chip pieces cut a small rectangle and glue into place!

Make a few more to invite all your dolls (and a few friends!) and mail them :)  
This was really fun to make, I was surprised at how well it came out. It really just cost nothing only using basic craft supplies and a few free paint chips. Now to work on setting up a Halloween party scene :) 
Thanks for looking!