Saturday, October 24, 2015

5 Amazing Etsy Dolloween Costumes

Hey guys! With Halloween coming up, it's time to start searching for or making doll costumes. And if you're a person who, like myself, has absolutely no crafting ability, you're probably opting for buying them. Here are some of my favorite options from Etsy for cute costumes for your dolls to wear this season.

1. Princess Leia Costume - enchanteddesigner - $34.00

I've never seen a doll dressed as Princess Leia before, so this costume is pretty unique in my book. It's quite accurate and all-too cute - I especially love the hood!

2. Frozen Anna Dress - DaydreamDollBoutique - $12.99

An exquisite costume for such a great price, I love all the different details and textures in this one.

3. Spider Punk Witch Costume - CupcakeCutiePie - $80.00

While on the pricey side, I love this modern and fun take on the traditional witch's costume! And that dress is too cute. If I had the funds, I would definitely snatch this up.

4. Little Red Riding Hood Costume - prairiethimble - $25.00

I love the colors and the simple but cute checkered pattern! Definitely a must-have.

5. Belle's Ball Gown - SweetDollofMine - $28.00

Belle was my favorite Disney princess growing up, so I just had to include this costume. I love the bright color, and the embellishments are elegant and stay true to the movie dress without overdoing it.

What are your dolls dressing up as for Dolloween? Comment below, and I'll see you next Saturday. :)

- Ellie


  1. Wow! Those costumes are amazing ^_^ I like the Princess Leia one best :3 So excited for the Force Awakens movie coming in November! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D