Saturday, October 31, 2015

~ Cowgirl Cutie ~

Sam's being a cowgirl for Halloween this year, so I took her outside for some Halloween-themed pics!

Which one was your favorite? Comment below. :)

- Ellie

Thursday, October 29, 2015

There Ain't No Separating Them - A Barbie Photoshoot

Hi everyone!:)
I've got these pictures I took and I love how they turned out!:) The photoshoot stars Janis and Heidi, two of my Barbie dolls. Hedid is the brunette and Janis is the blonde! They made this photoshoot to say goodbye to summer for (hopefully) the last time.:)

I feel like this picture looks more autumn-y than summer-y.;) 


I love this picture! The sky looks so blue!:D 

I love these pictures because they remind me of me and my best friend.:) I guess I meant to do that, but still.;)

It's finally beginning to feel a bit more like fall where I am, and I am so glad! I can't wait to wear boots and sweaters!:D Yay!;)

The Halloween Party Fail!

I think this picture can perfectly explain my experience with this party scene- 

I *was* going to take these pictures inside the largest room of the dollhouse because it actually had decent lighting when I started setting up, by the end there was none at all.  
So instead I dragged everything outside and set up. 

It was actually looking really nice by the time I set up, but, like the first picture, mostly everything went wrong. 

It was still fun!

I managed a few pictures..

and a few unique angles..

plus it was just really fun to have a photoshoot of most of the dolls together!

I really loved dressing the dolls up in costumes and making doll sized candy bars!

Lindsey dressed up as Mickey Mouse.

Caroline was the sugarplum fairy. 

Charlotte was a spider/witch.

Mia was an Olympic ice skater. 

Kirsten was a prom queen.   

Libby dressed up as a butterfly queen!

Rebecca was a safari guide. 

I love how Marie Grace's outfit came out, she dressed up as a Greek goddess. The costume was fairly simple and her hair was so fun to style! 

Just a few extra pictures for fun ;)


While the party idea didn't turn out as planned I really love how everything else turned out!  
Favorite costume?  
Thanks for looking!,