Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Tom's Farm Fun!

Hi everyone!
I didn't have the chance to take pictures for a photostory, so I had to use pictures I already had on hand. So I hope you enjoy this post!:)
I got to go to Tom's Farm with my friend Jaclynn a little while ago! I brought Jess along and when she saw this wagon she needed to sit in it!;) 
This picture is a little fuzzy, but I like it anyway!:) 
Jaclynn brought her doll, Jenna, along as well, and I had to get a group photo!:) 
They were wearing the same shoes, it was funny! 
At Tom's Farm they had this really cool fountain! 

I LOVE this picture! It's going to be her profile picture on my blog! 
The tree was just so cool!:)
All in all, we had a super fun time! I got cinammon bread which was delicious, and Jaclynn got sourdough bread!;)
What's your favorite bread flavor?;)


  1. These photos are adorable! Jess looks so sweet in these pictures :) Jenna's hair is too pretty, too! :D
    I love those photos by the tree, too--you're a great photographer! :)
    My favorite kind of bread probably cinnamon bread (great choice, Emma! ;) ), and my mom, who was reading this post with me, too, says she likes Carmel Apple bread ;)
    ♥ Shelby-Grace

    1. Thanks, Shelby-Grace! Yes! Cinammon bread is the ruler of all the other breads!;) MMMMMM! Caramel Apple Bread?! That sounds amazing!!!

  2. I love the seventh picture! The tree in the background is just so pretty! My favorite bread flavor would have to be cinnamon,too. Only a certain kind though, Great Harvest bread with their special cinnamon butter! It's delicious.