Saturday, August 8, 2015

Playing with Sidewalk Chalk - An AG Photo-Story

Hey guys!

Before I get to the rest of this post, I want to announce the results of last week's Who Wore it Best (it was Kirsten vs. Cecile in Josefina's BeForever nightgown). And the winner is.....


Congratulations, Cecile!

And, speaking of Cecile, this week I have for you a photo-story starring her and Merrick! So, sans further ado, enjoy!

One lazy summer afternoon, Cecile and Merrick decided to go outside and play with sidewalk chalk. Merrick had suggested it to alleviate the boredom that was plaguing them as it so often does to children who are out of school. So the duo set off outside into the warm summer air to find the perfect drawing spot on the driveway.

"How about here?" asked Cecile, stopping at a place pleasantly shaded by some trees above.

"Fine with me," said Merrick.

They sat down and spread the chalk out in front of them.

"I'll take green and yellow, and you can have pink and blue," Cecile decided.

"Sounds good," conceded Merrick.

Soon, they were hard at work on their drawings.

Suddenly, Cecile threw her arms up excitedly. She had finished her first drawing.

"Look at my flower, Merrick!"

"Mm-hmm," replied Merrick absently, who was busy at work on a blue butterfly.

At last, their drawings were complete. The sisters sat back to admire and examine their work. "Now what do we do?" asked Cecile.

"Let's play hopscotch," suggested Merrick.

"Great idea!" Cecile exclaimed.

So they drew out a hopscotch court.

Merrick found a rock for throwing.

And they played hopscotch while the afternoon wore slowly away.

I hope you guys enjoyed! I'll see ya next Saturday!

- Ellie


  1. Drawing on the cement does do great things to alleviate boredom. After school I would hang out with Hallie (a staff kid. 4th grade.) and we poked holes in the tops of water bottles and squirted pretty pictures on the sidewalk behind the elementary school. If there were other kids, we got into water fights.

    1. Yes, it does.
      Water fights sound awesome!

      - Ellie

  2. I love drawing with chalk, even now.
    At my bus stop in elementary school, we would draw while waiting for the bus.
    Cute photo story!