Monday, August 17, 2015

Mixing Up Photo Angles With Bailey

Hey everyone! Lately I've felt my photography is lacking something, so I decided to try to mix things up by playing with some unique angles to spice up my photography a bit :) This photoshoot's subject is my lovely Bailey, TM #35, wearing the Striped School Dress and Mia's Meet Shoes :D

What do you think? Do you prefer my usual photo styles or do you like these more unique angles? 
Oh, and I am so excited because there is a chance that I will actually be able to attend Maryellen Larkin's debut next week at the Columbus AGP! :D 
Are you excited for Maryellen? Will you be attending her debut? I'd love to hear your thoughts!


  1. I might, might slight chance, that I can go to Maryellen's debut at Kansas City. If I go, I'm going to wear an genuine 50s store bought dress from my Grandma. It is really from the 50s!

  2. Bailey looks so cute! I love the lighting in these.
    The first photo is my favorite. I think I like your other style better in general, but perhaps that's just because you've perfected it over time and this one you're just starting out with.
    I think Maryellen is super cute! I wish she had brown eyes, though. :P I think she has some ultra adorable items in her collection - my favorite is the purple-checked dress that I think is her school dress (although I could be wrong). Her crinoline, TV set, and diner also look really awesome!

    - Ellie

  3. I love the new unique angles! I agree with Ellie but you can always mix and match photo angles within photoshoots. I like the second photo! Super cool :) I sadly can't go to Maryellen's debut but I am so so so so excited for her release! I love all her clothes and accessories!! i'M GONNA DIE!!!! I'm really pumped :)

  4. I love trying new angles and it's always fun trying something new with photography. Bailey looks so cute in the school dress and Mia's meet shoes pair nicely with it!

  5. Loving the different angles! I when you change the angles up it looks really unique, and most of the time it seems like the lighting is better

  6. These angles are cool! I like these and your usual ones!:D