Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Grace Movie Premier Goody Bag Review

Hi!This review was supposed to be posted on my blog in early July but I never got around to writing it :) I had the chance to attend the movie premier of Grace Stirs Up Success and with that you receive a goody bag and, with my local AG store the ticket also came with a free small popcorn and soft drink. 

#61 attended the movie premier with me! This was also when her ears were pierced :)


The bag is really adorable, made out of thin cardboard (think cereal boxes) and with a few uses the tabs to close the bag were torn.

An overview of what it comes with!

Cupcake,Eiffel tower and banner stickers, to decorate the mini bakery/cupcakery. 

The mini bakery itself! Made out of sturdy cardboard. This is the right size for mini dolls.

And of course the paper Grace doll.

Paper Grace doll in comparison, with stickers :)

The other side of the paper bakery is a Paris skyline.

The goody bag also came with a girl and doll sized airplane ticket.

The doll sized ticket is really adorable. 

It also came with cute tags to add to treats you make!, or any gift really.

3 were included, they all have the same back with different designs.
This one is my favorite. 
A bookmark! I will be using this when I read Grace's book. No doll sized one :(

A poster for you and one for your doll, I would have rathered a poster without the DVD on it but oh well :)
Detail of the box, so cute!
Of course I saved the best for middle :) At first when I saw the "cupcakes" I thought they were fake ones for a doll but seeing the nutritional information on the back I quickly realized I could eat them!

The flavors are chocolate or strawberry and they are truffles. I preferred the chocolate truffle because the strawberry filling tasted weird to me. 
Perfectly Doll sized.
Detail of the inside box.
And outside :) The top has black polka dots all over it!
An Eiffel tower cookie cutter! Not doll sized but you could use it to decorate a doll cake ;)

Overall I really love how this perfectly ties in with Grace's interests and is a great deal considering for $10 you get a movie ticket,popcorn,drink,goody bag and a craft! And an excuse to go to the AG store.
Thanks for looking!,  
p.s. I am currently typing this blog post on a computer that is sitting on the floor, do not ever try this at home ;)