Friday, August 21, 2015

~Crafts~ A CDD photostory

*This post is inspired by Doll Diaries, they are hosting an online summer camp for dolls
and I am participating in it. :)*

Alexandria~ Blue
Sophie~ Orange
Rebecca~ Red

''Okay now pull this loop through the other one''
Today I was teaching Cabin Lavender how to make
 rubber band bracelets while Isabelle taught Cabin Cherry Blossom
how to make mini pillows.
 I demonstrated one more time for Sophie, who was
slightly struggling with her bracelet.

 There!!! Finished!!! Rebecca shouted, holding up a fishtailed bracelet.
''Nice Job Rebecca!!!'' I smiled at her.
 Sophie reached for another band in one of the boxes.
I finished mine!!! Sophie says, beaming with delight.
(That is a nail on the wall behind Sophie, in case you were wondering) :)

Sophie held out a multicolor bracelet she had been working on.

Just then I heard the fait sound of a bell, ''That is all for today girls, you may head
onto games.'' I announced.

''Games!!!! Sophie shrieked. ''Come on Rebecca, today we are playing soccer!!!!"
"I'll be right there, just give me a minute, Sophie." "Umm, Do you need any help cleaning up?''
Rebecca asked shyly.
I smiled. ''That would be wonderful."

Together we picked up all the looses bands and clips. ''Thanks for your help. Now you better get to games before you get in trouble''  ''Okay, thanks for the lesson!!!'' Rebecca shouted, already halfway
through the door.
I put away the rubber bands and folded up the table.
Now it was time for me to go to lunch. :)

Sorry this weeks post was pretty short, I hope to have a longer
post up next week. Have a great morning/evening/night!!!


  1. Really awesome photo-story Marissa. And it wasn't that short :)

  2. Cute photo story! I think its so nice of Rebecca to help clean up :)