Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Caroline's Hat

While picking out an outfit for Caroline to wear I decided she needed a hat. I don't have very many doll hats and most of them are historical but I tried Saige's Parade hat on, and with a dark blue ribbon tied in a bow on the back and viola! the outfit was complete :) I think Caroline is going to be a hat collector...


I love discovering something new about a dolls personality and character. And now I must go search Etsy for doll hats for Caroline ;) Don't be surprised when she ends up with a doll bedroom full of every hat possible! I think she is one very determined doll ;) 
Thanks for looking!, 


  1. Doll hats are great, but there seems to be a shortage of them at my house. I'll go check out etsy too now.

  2. Caroline looks super cute in that hat! I love her outfit. :)

  3. That would be so awesome to see her get some new hats! I love hats and head scarves so much! Also great job at jazzing that hat up :-)

  4. So cute!! I love the photos are her outfit!

    - Ellie