Tuesday, August 4, 2015

A Rotten Day

Hi everyone!
This is sort of a little photostory/photoshoot random post that I made, I think, on Sunday, when I was having a bad day and sort of just felt rotten.:P
Sullenly, Eden wandered about the backyard, trying to think of something to do to make her feel less rotten. Her day was just not turning out well.
She sighed and stopped walking.
What can I do? What can I do? Her mind kept repeating that question and it was becoming tiring. 
Eden gazed behind her shoulder and spotted Faye's skateboard leaning on a dirty blue tub. 
With her foot, she rolled the skateboard towards herself. Eden's eyes darted around the yard to see if anyone was around.  
Eden took a tentative step onto the board, then pushed off. 
Eden rolled across the patio slowly, unsurely. She had never skated before, despite Faye's constant nagging. Whenever Faye liked something, she wanted everyone else to like it. 
Eden jumped off of the board and sat onto it, pushing the wheels into motion with her hands. She sighed again and rolled off of the board and began walking to the door. 
Despite having a little fun, She still wasn't out of her mood. I watched from the door and stepped onto the patio.
I suggested a photoshoot and Eden visually perked up a little. 

"Want to have some icecream? That always makes feel better!" I said.
"Yes!" Eden nodded enthusiastically and I grinned.
"Okay, I'll go serve it out." I ran back into the house and Eden followed on my heels.
Maybe today isn't that bad...
I realized I ended my last post with a thought too.;P I hope you liked the mish-mash post!;)


  1. Those pictures of Eden are so pretty, Emma! Ice cream and other goodies always make me feel better, too! :)

  2. Ice cream always makes a day better! I love the picture of her on the skateboard :)

    1. It totally does!;) Thanks!

  3. Awesome photo-story!!

    - Ellie