Tuesday, July 14, 2015

White - A Photoshoot

Hey everyone! I took these pictures of Nikki last week and never posted them, so here they are!:D
I remember that I fancied her up since she's always one of my more neglected dolls. 
I love her color combo.:) 
Her pale blue eyes in contrast with her red hair. 

I hope you enjoyed the pictures!:D
Do you prefer dressing your dolls in dresses or more casual clothing?:)
Bonus Picture- 


  1. I like dressing dolls in both, some look amazing in causal while others dresses. The bonus picture is so cool!

  2. Great pictures, Cookie! :)
    It depends on my mood, but usually I like dressing them in more casual clothing ;)

  3. I like dressing my dolls in more casual clothing, but it also depends what kind of dress/skirt it is. If it's a modern dress/skirt then I count that as casual, but I mostly prefer not to dress my dolls in historical outfits.