Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Too Good for Faye - A Photostory

Hi everyone! Sorry this is coming so late, time really got away from me!:)
It was Friday night and Faye and Hailey were getting ready for bed.
"I just don't understand," Faye grumbled as she grabbed her blanket off of the floor, "it's Friday night and we're getting ready for bed at nine!!!"
Hailey situated her blanket over her bed. 
"We need our rest if we are going to stay healthy and sharp for everyday life," Hailey replied.
"That's so like you! Isn't there anything we can do?" Faye whined and spread out her blanket.
Hailey bent over her bed and with a muffled voice said, "we can read a book. I am reading a book about the rulers of Europe."
"Unless the book is Lord of the Rings, I'm not interested," Faye snorted, "Would it kill you to do something bad for once in your life?" 
Hailey crawled under her covers and Bennet hopped onto her lap. Grimacing, Hailey shooed Bennet off of the bed. Dogs weren't allowed on the furniture.
"Faye, most everything I do is what I should do. I'm not going to change."
Faye groaned loudly as she sat in her bed. 
Hailey pulled out her book and her reading glasses.
"Why don't we do something fun?! Fun isn't against the rules!" Faye complained and planted Bennet on her lap.
"I am having fun, Faye," Hailey said without looking up from her glasses.
"UGH! You're too good!" Faye cried out in disgust.  
Their argument was stopped short when Eden and Saige popped into their room.
"Hi girls! We're here to say g'night!" Saige smiled. 
"Gooodniiiight!" Eden sang out and laughed at herself. Saige chuckled. 
"Goodnight," Hailey said politely. Faye was about to say goodnight too when a thought struck her and she gasped dramatically.
"I HAVE AN AMAZING IDEA! Do you guys wanna have a sleepover here? I'm so bored with Miss Goody Goody over here!" Faye gestured with her thumb at Hailey. 
"That sounds so fun!" Saige giggled.
"Ooh, yeah!" Eden agreed. 
Saige and Eden snuggled up under a blanket and they talked for awhile until Hailey stopped them. 
"We should really go to bed now, it's nine forty-eight and our bed time is nine forty-five," Hailey clapped her hands and the light snapped off. Faye sighed dramatically, practically saying-
You are sooo good.
The room was cast into darkness and they all settled under the soft blankets. 
Hailey's eyes were about to shut when she felt a warm breath on her nose.
Bennet lay inches away from her face. Hailey stopped for a second. Bennet's tiny pink tongue peeped out of the corner of his lip and she giggled silently. 
Bennet scooted closer to Hailey and snuggled by her shoulder. Hailey smiled to herself and thought-
I'm not that good.
I hope you liked the photostory! Until next week-