Thursday, July 30, 2015

{she's a handsome woman}

go on, grab your hat and fetch a camera,
go on, film the world before it happens.


honestly i'm surprised i haven't been kicked off this blog. i know that summer should mean more posts with better quality content, but for me, the school year is actually less busy for me (bc of marching band—i hate it so much oh my gosh). so, sorry you have to deal with old pictures and boring posts, you just gotta hang with me for these next few months until the marching season is over.



  1. Absolutely wonderful photos! Archer looks stunning, too! ^_^ I would never kick you off SBATD--you are such a wonderfully amazing blogging team member and friend, and I absolutely love your posts here! :)

    ♥ Shelby

  2. Love the photos! Archer looks adorable in that hat!

  3. wow!! awesome pictures. You are talented. I love the style of clothing.