Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Pictures from the AG Store

Hi! This week is so busy that this is the first time I have actually even looked at a computer. This is the third computer I have tried to even access blogger ;) I was going to introduce you to somebody but somehow I can't upload pictures...So instead I just want to post a few pictures of the AG place when I went for the movie event. (It was very fun!)  

This doll makes me want the outfit even more..

This was the first display I saw, it was so high up that it was hard taking a picture of it ;) 

Grace's Sightseeing Outfit is even cuter in person! The black and white striped bow perfectly matches the outfit. 

The sandals might be my favorite shoe made by AG, ever. 

I really love this set, the shoes from the baking outfit go so well with the Kitchen Aid style mixer. 

Side detail of Rebecca's Seashore outfit and postcard. 

The very plastic lamp from Samantha's Ice Cream Parlor

The cash register is very heavy! 

The metal spoons and bowls are very cute. 

I really love this set, I meant to take the picture straight on but I really like the angle of the picture ;)

Samantha in Tyson's serving ice cream to customers :)

Detail of the basket, the berries and leaves actually look very realistic, I really love this set. 

Samantha in the decked out Gazebo. 

The adorable shoes and fan. 


I can't wait to get #58

Samantha's Nighttime Necessities closeup

Samantha's adorable teddy bear

Kit in her old nightgown.

I love the new shorter bob.

Addy's Lunch Pail goes so well with her school outfit. 

I love the feather. 

The lighting in the bakery made it hard to take pictures of any of the pastries ;)

The tiny shopping bags..

Too bad the lights don't work ;)


Josefina's Goat

I really want her shawl...

Grace, looking grumpy as ever ;)

And Bon Bon, who, by comparison, looks unrealistic compared to Grace. 

Grace with a high ponytail
And finally a picture of the bow on the travel coat!  
Thanks for looking!, 


  1. These are some great pics of AG items!! I really love how realistic Samantha's ice-cream scoops look! They made me very hungry.... >.<

  2. Awesome! Grace (the dog) does look very grumpy. :P Which AG store did you go to?

  3. Wow good pictures!!!!!!!!! I've always wanted to go to a AG store :)