Thursday, July 2, 2015

Outfit Ideas #2

today's ensemble (modeled by the ever gorgeous ali) is a fun summer look.

this outfit is both cute and practical, also very good for shoots. ;)

the main part of this outfit is this pair of shortalls.
they have been quite popular among dolls this year, and i can see why--
they're adorable. ^-^
this particular pair was made by me, though there are:
patterns available
etsy is always a good place to look. :)
also, an OG outfit had a pair.

underneath we keep it simple with a plain, neutral tee.
this specific one is a crop top made by me. :)
any tee will work.

just to add a bit of a feminine touch, we included a necklace.
this necklace is one of mine that i tied in the back to fit my dolls. :)
again, any necklace will do.
it's also optional. ;)

finally, we have the boots.
they're cute but also allow for explorations of new places. ;)
very important, if you ask our dear model.

aaaaand that concludes this week's post. :)

sorry for the bad photos, it's been nasty weather and crapy lighting lately.

see ya!



  1. Ooh super cute! I need shortalls now. ;) Ali looks great. :)


  2. I love the shortalls, the fabric you used for the shortalls look so nice with the crop top :)

  3. I desperately need to get the shortalls pattern! They are absolutely adorable. ^_^

  4. So cute! I love it. :)

    - Ellie