Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Doll Play Day Part 2

Hi! Sorry for this post being so late, I completely forgot until now :/ The second part of Doll Play Day was dressing all of the dolls and doing a hairstyle on most of them. 

Of course an extra picture of Lindsey because she is adorable :) 

It was so hard to get 9 dolls to look at the camera! 

For Mia I started taking out the braid she had in earlier but liked it the way it was so I just left it.

I did not change Marie-Grace's hairstyle just because she looks nice in it :) The tutorial is from AGSnapshots on YouTube. 

For her hairstyle I french braided both sides and then bobby pinned the extra braid to form a bun. 

Kirsten's hair I just did the staple AG store hairstyle that everyone gets. 

For Saige's hair I curled and then did a bow bun I found at Cute Girls Hairstyles. 

Felicity I just braided :) 
What was your favorite hairstyle? 
Thanks for looking!, 


  1. Lindsey and Mia looks awesome!

  2. They all looks so fabulous! My fav would have to be Saige's :-)

  3. My favorite hairstyle was #61's. I always love up-do's. ^_^