Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Doll Play Day Part 1


When I read that Shelby-Grace started an official doll play day for July 8 I was very excited! Dedicating a day to play dolls and finish projects sounded like the perfect way to have fun and get stuff done.  It was surprisingly easy to take pictures as I was going about my day and uploading the pictures only took a minute so I wanted to share with you what I have done today. 
 I was already planning on cleaning up all of the dolls since most (at least their feet) were semi-dirty. This was the first time cleaning Lindsey since I bought her and I was surprised that not a lot of dirt was on her. Her previous owner must have taken really good care of her :) 

  Clean doll feet...

 Mia's legs are dirty, but most of the spots came off when I used the Magic Eraser. 
Unfortunately during vacation the travel bag I used to pack the dolls in rubbed onto Kirsten's vinyl and now she has a very large stain on the back of her arm. Time for benzoyl peroxide! 

All Clean! 
All the dolls besides Caroline were cleaned and scrubbed with a Magic Eraser, I forgot Rebecca but I only realized after I counted the dolls. (She was downstairs) Marie Grace kept her clothes on because I didn't want to mess up her hairstyle I just finished, plus she was barely dirty ;)   

While I was cleaning the dolls I decided why not try straightening Felicity's hair? 6 months ago I tried a downy dunk on her and Mia but it didn't help. My mom was convinced I would burn her hair but I wanted to try anyway because she is most likely going to the doll hospital soon, anyway. 

 This is the hair straightener I used, this one is ceramic but doesn't have a heat control so I turned it on, let it heat up a moment, and then unplugged it. I tried a small section of hair in the back and it worked! I think it ended up taking 30 minutes or so to get every strand of hair but it was worth it. 

Her hair did lose any wave but after I braided a piece and it came out crimped I could if I wanted to curl her hair and it would most likely stay. 

Her hair is way more soft and silky which is awesome! I really like how she looks now, although I might give her a side part. 

Yay! If you want more information on straightening doll hair this video is very helpful.    
While I was at it I finger curled Caroline and Rebecca's hair because both dolls had a lot of flyways after falling multiple times.  
Look at all the curls! She has a very thick wig. 




 Next Wednesday I will post part two when I dress and fix their hair. 
What did you do to celebrate "Doll Play Day?"   
Thanks for looking!,


  1. I was so excited to see you posted about this! I loved seeing what your dolls were up to today! :D Awesome pictures, too :)
    ♥ Shelby

  2. Ok I've straightened my dolls hair before. At first I was sceptical because I had to straighten her hair with a curling iron...
    But it worked!
    I also gave my felicity a side part, and she looks beautiful.
    Have fun with your clean dolls!
    -the Unicorn girl