Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Kirsten's Adventure

Hi! Kirsten tags along on another walk/hike.. Let's see what happens... 

We visited a creek! I wanted to go in but I was told not to get my shoes dirty, so, I took them off :)

Hopefully I won't forget my shoes! 

I decided to keep my hair simple, with a snake braid pinned pack with a barrette.

The bad thing about not wearing shoes was my feet hurt stepping on sharp stones!
Sadly, the creek was too shallow to see any fish. 

I rested on this nice flat rock, which was surprisingly clean.   
It was boring sitting on the rock so I decided to cross the creek and find what else lies ahead..
I had to hold up my dress so it wouldn't get wet! 
 The water was really cold!! 

After crossing the creek I walked up a steep path to find.. a huge log! It was hard to climb up it and when I was finally on top I spotted a few spiders so I quickly jumped down.
After I hopped down the log was right across from a field! So I quickly posed for a few pictures. 

I saw a bird while posing, the bird was all black except for white spots on the wings when it flew.  

I wish the field was full of flowers!

Right before this picture a bug landed on my nose!
I found another log that was right by the creek and I lost my balance and fell backward! Luckily I only scraped my elbow and the back of legs were covered in dirt :)
I found a patch of wild bamboo! Crazy right?!
The bamboo is really cool, I wanted to take some home with me! 
I really like posing here, it was free of bugs. 
It was tiring standing there but I was able to lean back and rest on the bamboo. 
I wish I could have stayed but I wanted to keep exploring! 
I found a path and right where I was standing was a symphony of crickets! I picked up a stick (That was just my size) and started (I have no experience) conducting!  
I tired to teach them to cricket in tune but they didn't listen ;) 

I ended up just conducting and singing myself...

I started with "Mary had a Little Lamb" a song which I just learned on the piano!
and ended with "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"

I wanted to keep the stick so I went back to the trail and stuffed it into the camera bag for the next impromptu concert.
I turned right and headed onto a new trail. 

And walked...
And walked...
I tried running but it failed as soon as my side started hurting :) 
And then suddenly...
Everything titled! (No not really, I just like suspense)
I stopped for a few pictures, mostly because my side was still hurting. 
And that was the end of my adventure! 
(Mostly because we had to leave and I had to be carried the rest of the way..) 
Thanks for looking!, 
p.s. Kirsten did get to pick a few flowers! They are so pretty! 


  1. So cute! :) Looks like you had fun!

  2. It looks like Kirsten had a ton of fun! I love the pictures so much! They are really pretty! :)

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