Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Kirsten visits the Grotto

 Hi! Sorry about the no post on Wednesday, I was on vacation and asked a sub blogger who was going to post but i'm not sure what happened! Anyway enjoy the the pictures of Kirsten (and various nature pictures) that I took while hiking, with commentary from Kirsten.  (Her comments will be in parentheses.)

I've decided birch trees are Kirsten's favorite tree. "Hey!!, I was going to say that!" 

"Along the way we stopped at a rock, the rock was very uneven and I was afraid I was going to fall back into a pile of dirt!" 

"Do you like my hairstyle? I thought since I was going hiking I should have it up but I didn't want a ponytail, so I twisted it into two mini buns." I didn't realize until after I uploaded the pictures that the hairstyle is inspired by Inky! Here is the link to her blog. 

"It's so hard to stand still and not move!"

"So we crossed a LOT of bridges to get to the waterfall, here is one, do you see the river in the background? The water is very cold! That's why I refused to stand in the water for five minutes to take a few pictures." That was actually not the reason, I was too afraid of her falling and and the water carrying her away.

"I was so relieved to sit down after walking uphill, unfortunately tennis shoes were not packed and I had to suffer hiking in boots." You did not, I had to carry you all the way! 
"I really want to try my hand at hand fishing (Get it?) I didn't see any fish though. This bridge was a bit larger and actually made of planks instead of a log so I was able to stand without having to balance much."

"By this time I was kind of tired, indicated by my not so happy expression. Why does she have to post this one?!" 

"I'm still on the bridge... waiting..."  

"I finally got to sit on another rock, this one was not clean and I got dirt on my white pants!!"
"I had to get a picture of my cool shirt! Don't you love the design? I was kind of distracted when she took this picture, I could hear the waterfall which meant we were not that far away!"
"Just keep swimming, swimming,swimming. I wasn't actually swimming, I  just had the song stuck in my head."
"This rock was really pretty and compliments my outfit. Do you spot the moss growing on the rock?"
"Finally!we made it!"
"The magnificent roaring waterfall, I had to crane my neck to look at the top."
"And down it goes..." I know,I know, almost the same picture but I couldn't decide which one I liked better!
"To splash upon the muddy rocks! I love this picture...

"I can see the individual droplets! Maybe you are a great photographer after all." Is that sarcasm I hear?
"And finally an overexposed picture of my foot..Bye!"  
Yes, Kirsten is not that sweet and innocent in her modern form but she is when she goes back to being historical! Now to wrestle her back into her meet dress.... 
Thanks for looking!, 


  1. Awesome pictures! :)

    - Ellie

  2. Whoa! The pictures are sooo cool! And pretty! I loved this! :D

  3. I just love doll pictures in nature, especially by water.

  4. That is so cool! I love waterfalls! Kirsten looks so pretty in that outfit and I love her hair like that!;)

  5. Sounds like you had an awesome hike! :)