Monday, May 25, 2015

We Were Nominated!

Hi everyone! Happy Memorial Day! I hope you've all had a great weekend, too :D

So, today I am finally getting around to doing something I meant to do MONTHS ago--an award! But this award will not just be me answering the questions, though--my fellow bloggers will be joining me on answering the questions and nominations :D Let's get started! 
Here is the award we were nominated for by Ella Louise from Gumnut Street Dolls:

**Note from Shelby-Grace: I have had this as a draft post a while, before Ellie joined us, so I did not have a chance to contact Ellie about featuring her answers in this post, so I don't have any answers from her. Ellie, if you are reading this and you'd like to be featured  also, feel free to contact me and I'll add you in as soon as possible :) **

Here are the rules:

1. Nominate 3-7 blogs for this award and make a link to the blog. 

2. If you are nominated, give 1 of your photography tips and answer the questions given.

3. Go comment on a post of the person you nominated letting them know they were nominated.

4. Copy the picture above on your post.

5. Link your post back to the original post.

6. Add the picture to your tool bar or page. (**Note from Shelby-Grace: I'm not sure how to add anything to the toolbar because of the way this blog is coded, and we don't have a Award page so I'm not able to do either of these on here :( **)

7. Copy these rules onto your post.

8. Have fun! 

So, first off, all of us will give one photography tip! (We will be answering everything in order of the day of the week we have, starting at Sunday)

P H O T O G R A P H Y     T I PS: 

Autumn:  Hmm, I guess I'd say that perspective is an important thing in photography.  Different backgrounds are nice to have, and keeping the doll in focus in all the shots while the backgrounds are a bit abstract always looks a little nice. Oh yeah, and patience is probably gonna have to be your best friend.

Shelby-Grace: I know this is what everyone says, but in my opinion, natural lighting is very important to have for nice photography ;)

Emma: Always try to take pictures in the shade of a tree or bush, the pictures will turn out way better than in the harsh sunlight!:)

Polka Dot Bee: Try a reflector, the shadows on a dolls face will be gone! Also adds more light and is great for indoor photography. 

Maddie: don't be afraid to experiment with different angles! Chances are you'll have lots of neat and unique photos if you trty something different. (Yeah I know, this is a lame tip but everything else has been said xD)

Marissa: Focal points are something very important in doll photography. If you are focusing on the outfit, try to keep the background  simple, but if you are focusing on the background, try not to overwhelm the outfit. :)

And now on to the questions! 

Q U E S T I O N S:

1. What is your favourite book?

Autumn: 1.  To Kill A Mockingbird was honestly so, so good.  It's so moving <3

Shelby-Grace:  I really like the Epic Order Of The Seven series by Jenny L. Cote :)

Emma: Oh my gosh! I love so many books it's basically impossible to choose. But I have to say that my favorite is Keeper of the Lost Cities by Shannon Messanger. It's so good!:)

Polka Dot Bee: Favorite book? Probably Anne of Green Gables

Maddie: At the moment I'm really liking To Be Perfectly Honest by Sonia Sones (I think that's how you spell it...:P)

Marissa: I love American Girl's historical books!!!!

2. What is your favourite ice cream flavor?

Autumn:  Cookies and Cream....ahh...

Shelby-Grace: Definitely mint chocolate chip, with the runner up being chocolate peanut butter ;)

Emma: I love basically all ice cream flavors but I really like anything with chocolate in it, so I'll just say some sort of chocolate flavor!;)

Polka Dot Bee: Chocolate Chip cookie dough! 

Maddie: Mint ice cream with crushed Oreos in it. Dang, thats good.

Marissa: Cookies and Cream is the best!!!!!!

3. What profession would you like to pursue when you are older?

Autumn: Ugh, this is so hard.  I really don't know, but writing and photography are two things I'd like to pursue.

Shelby-Grace: Most likely writing :)

Emma: I would love to be an author, but my dream job is to be an animator! I love drawing so much!:D

Polka Dot Bee: Fashion Design or and Author 

Maddie:  Most definitely a professional photographer.

Marissa: I would love to be a photographer. :)

4. Does your handwriting look better in pencil or marker?

Autumn: I'd say marker, but pencil's work too.

Shelby-Grace: I have very sloppy handwriting, and I don't think pencil nor marker could improve it :P ;)

Emma: Probably pencil.:)

Polka Dot Bee: Pencil

Maddie: 4.) Pencil, unless it's a dry erase marker.

Marissa: Pencil

5. What does the fox say?

Autumn:  *nervous laugh* How am I supposed to know?  Do I look like a zoologist or something?

Shelby-Grace: I'm not quite sure what it actually sounds like, but according to the internet-viral video it makes some quite interesting ones ;) 

Emma: Um, I've never heard a fox make a sound, but whenever I played with my foxes, they would bark just like a dog.;)

Polka Dot Bee: Not sure :)

Maddie: 5.) I'm not even gonna say anything. N O P E.

Marissa: *Looks at question before bursting into fits of giggles*

6. Swimming or sledding?

Autumn:  Sledding =)

Shelby-Grace: Sledding! ;) 

Emma: Swimming! I've never gone sledding, but I imagine it would be fun though!:)

Polka Dot Bee: Swimming

Maddie: Swimming

Marissa: Both!!!!

7. If a tree falls in the woods, does it make a sound?

Autumn:  Um, yeah? 

Shelby-Grace: I think so! ;)

Emma: Well, yes. It just fell down.;)

Polka Dot Bee: Yes! 

Maddie: I could get all technical but I'm too lazy to so let's go with "I'm not sure".

Marissa: YES!!!!

8. Why did you start your blog? (**Note from Shelby-Grace: since this is a collab blog, this can be about why you wanted to join and/or why you started your own ;) **)

Autumn: The reason I started my blog was because I got inspired by all those other Youtubers and Bloggers who had popular blogs/channels, and I wanted to make my own.

Shelby-Grace: I started this collab blog because I thought it would be really fun to put all our talents together and create a really awesome blog ;) I started Oh My Dollies because I wanted to share my photography and be a part of this amazing community :) 

Emma: I just though it would be so much fun to blog alongside of other fantastic bloggers and to be apart of something with other people.:)

Polka Dot Bee:  I started my blog to blog about my doll collection and improve my photography.  

Maddie:  I started blogging because I wanted a way to share my passions with others. :) 

Marissa: I started blogging last year and it has been awesome. I love talking to new people and being able to share my (not so great) photography with other people. :) (I apologize for all the smiley faces, I can't help it.) =)

I hope you have enjoyed this so far! Now on to the final step: the nominees! We will each choose one blog to nominate, so we can have a total of seven nominations to fit in to the award's nomination requirement ;) 

N O M I N E E S: 

Autumn: I nominate - Mint @ The Abbott Doll Family 

Shelby-Grace: I nominate The Pony Tales Sisters! Mama Hen has amazing photography and her dolls are adorable ;)

Emma: I nominate Carrot and Claire.

Polka Dot Bee: I nominate Callie from Pleasant Dollies.  

Maddie: Nominee: Leah from ToDOLLy Awesome

Marissa: I nominate The Sunshine Dollies


Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed! ;) 


  1. Great answers! ;)
    By the way, the fox makes a sound like a really high screaming noise. Kind of like a panther, but a bit less creepy. xD (There used to be a fox family the lived near us...:P)

    ~Lydia~ <3

  2. Oh! I just read this and realized Marrissa nominated me... Thank you Marrissa, but you coud've let me know! I'll try to get the post up A.S.A.P.