Friday, May 15, 2015

Mini doll customization!!!

Hello everyone!!! ^_^
So a few days ago, I found my mini Elizabeth doll I had got at a thrift store a year ago. Her hair was really dry, so I decided to cut it. After being in a ponytail for several years, the hair was super poofy, so I washed it hoping to get rid of the poof. ;)

 It looks nice in this photo, but after it dried, it poofed up again. So I cut it a little more, stuck her in a Barbie outfit, and freckled her. Here are the end results!!! :)

 She kinda looks like Kit now!!! :)

 Freckles!!!! I just drew them on with yellow and orange markers. (The freckles aren't that big in real life, I just enlarged the photo so you could see them.) :)
Overall, I love how she turned out!!! She doesn't look like any of my dolls, but she is super cute.
Have a great evening!!! :)


  1. She's so cool!!! I would love to customise a ag mini doll =)

  2. I never really thought about customizing a mini doll! You did a great job!
    ~Leah <3

  3. Wow! You, did a really good job, she's so cute:) And I love her freckles:)

  4. I've seen lots of customizations, but never on a mini doll. Love it! She looks so cute :)

  5. She is so adorable! The only AG mini I have is Kit and her hair is very wild :)

  6. Super cool customization! She totally looks like Kit!:)

  7. That is awesome. Freckles are wonderful!!!