Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Grooming the Troublesome Duo

Hello, everyone!:)
Recently, Jessica, one of my Barbie's, was grooming Rapunzel's two evil poodles. Check it out!:)
Jessica opened up her shop, wondering who her first customer would be. Maybe Hans with his bulldog, Mason? Or Alice with her terrier, Ellie?
But then, Mason got washed last week and Ellie was on vacation with Alice... Terror settled into the pit of Jessica's stomach as she realized who she would be getting today...
"No!" Jessica mumbled, trying to think of some other dog that would come in today.
Jessica went through her morning routine, praying that Rapunzel wouldn't show up.
"Can't forget bows!" Jessica smiled halfheartedly to herself. 
But, the moment arrived and Rapunzel walked into the salon, the two villainous poodles in her arms.
"Here you go! Thanks, Jessica! I'm off to the hair salon!" Rapunzel plopped the dogs onto the grooming table and Jessica nodded.
Jessica started working, starting with the white poodle. Jessica tied the black dog so she wouldn't get in the way.
(I was so shocked when I took this picture! Jessica was actually standing on her own!)
 Jessica scowled as she pushed the water into the hose.

I guess it wasn't that bad, Jessica began to smile at the thought that maybe they were good dogs now!
Jessica whistled as she dried her and curled her hair with a bow.
Jessica gasped when she saw that the black poodle had escaped!
The white poodle sneaked off to join her sister.
"NOOO!!!" Jessica shouted as she saw the poodles dash out of the store.
Screaming, Jessica leapt on top of the two dogs, stopping them from escaping.
Jessica tied the troublesome duo and smiled in victory. She had just finished them both.
"You can't win this battle with--" SQUISH! Jessica squeezed her eyes shut.
Jessica gasped in disgust and didn't dare look down at her shoe.
"I'm burning this shoe."


  1. That last picture the gray dog looks so innocent...

  2. I loved this photo story Emma!!! :)