Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Charades - A Photostory

Hello everybody!:) Emma here, I took pictures for a photostory today and decided that I'd share it on here!:)

Eden, Faye, Josefina, and Julie stood around the living room. Josefina came over and they had no idea what to do.
"Um...So what are we going to do?" Eden asked as she patted Pepper on the head.

"We could watch the trailer for the new Star Wars mo-" Faye's idea was cut off by Eden jumping up and gasping.
"I KNOW!!!" Faye braced herself up against the wall.
"What?" Faye asked breathlessly.
"We can play charades! I did that all the time with my band!" Eden said and Josefina and Julie nodded approvingly.
"That's such an amazing idea!!!" Faye cried happily. Eden smiled and Julie brought out a box for their "stage."
"Me first!!!" Julie thought for a moment and sprawled herself out on the floor.
"Are you a person, an animal, or an item?" Eden asked.
"Anhimahl," Julie's muffled response said. Julie wriggled on the ground spastastastically on the ground.
Faye's eyes grew huge and she shouted, "SMAUG!!!!!"
Julie stopped her writhing and looked up at Faye.
"What? No!" Julie replied.
"A snake!" Josefina shouted.
"YES!" Julie said and Josefina smiled.
Josefina said that she was a person of sorts.
"SARUMAN!!! YOU'RE A WIZARD!!!" Faye shouted before Josefina threw a tantrum on the floor.
"A baby throwing a tantrum!" Eden guessed.
"A WINDMILL!" Julie cried.
The shouting paused as Josefina continued screaming and crying.
"Ummmm...." Eden mumbled.
"A break-dancer?" Julie asked.
"We give up!" They all yelled.
"I was Faye when she's fan girling!" Josefina laughed.
"Wow," Faye replied, "You called me a person of sorts!" Faye laughed and they finished their game.
One time, when I played charades, I was trying to be a crocodile, and nobody got it for the longest time!XD I hope you enjoyed the post!:D
Have you ever played charades?


  1. Loved this photostory! I play charades all the time. By the way, how did you do Josie's hair?

    1. Thank you! It was a long time ago, but I think I just braided it and then made it into a bun!:)

  2. I love Faye :).
    Hilarious post! I really enjoyed reading it :). Eden looks gorgeous in that outfit, by the way.

    - Ellie

  3. Hahaha I love this photo story!! Lol I'm very bad a charades!! >.< I like Faye's top! So cute :D

  4. Edens outfit definitely suits her, the colors are so pretty with her hair! Aww Faye is adorable :)

    1. I love it too!:D Thank you! She's lots of fun!;)

  5. This was so cute! On Tuesday I saw the second Avengers! ^-^

    1. Thank you! Did you like it?:)