Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Treasure Hunt!

Hey everyone!:) Emma here! Sophie and Nikki went on a treasure hunt,  check it out!:)
Nikki and Sophie walked out the front door. Sophie had ripped Nikki away from her schoolwork and had said something about a treasure...and now they were in the front yard.
"What's going on?" Nikki asked.
"Well. I overheard Jess talking to Saige about a treasure and all this stuff about how all of these pirates want the treasure. And then, she dropped this map! And it's crazy because I have this deep, deep, deep feeling that this treasure is in our yard! So we will find the treasure and be rich!!" Sophie cried.
"Um, Sophie..." Nikki started.
"Nikki, I have to focus," Sophie said and Nikki stopped talking.
"Hmmm..." Sophie said as she flipped the map over, "this way!"
Sophie led the way through the yard, following the map and Nikki followed.
"It should be here!" Sophie mumbled.
"Why do you have a sword?" Nikki questioned.
"For the pirates that would kill for the treasure!" Sophie explained.
"Okay, now we should dig in the grass and find the treasure!" Sophie smiled.
"Um, Mom wouldn't want us to tear open the grass. She would get mad!" Nikki replied, "And anyway-"
"I know what I did wrong! I didn't go as far right as we should have. It should be in the dirt over there!" Sophie said and they walked over to the dirt.
"This will be the right spot. I can feel it! Now let's dig!
"Right here! How 'bout you dig and I keep an eye out for any pirates," Sophie smiled and faced the street, scanning the sidewalk for pirates.
"There's nothing here, Sophie!" Nikki said after a minute or two of digging.
"What do you mean? I heard Jess talk about the treasure she said- 'There is this treasure chest filled with gold and pearls that all these pirates want, and I got to keep the map!'" Sophie quoted, "then the map fell out of her bag."
"Yeah, she's in Treasure Island! It's a musical!" Nikki explained.
"Oooooh!!! Riiiiiiight..." Sophie trailed off, and picked at her eyelash nervously.
"Now you better get the treasure map off the floor. Jess will be livid if you got the prop dirty!"
Bonus pics-

I hope you liked the photostory!:)
Have you read Treasure Island?:)


  1. Very cute photo-story! I love the twist!

  2. I love this story! So funny and creative :). And the bonus pics are amazing.

    - Ellie

  3. loved it! It's so cute and funny :)

  4. LOL That was funny. Cute twist...I love Sophie's outfit!