Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Rapunzel Talks Hair Pros and Cons

Hi everybody! I took some pictures of Rapunzel today!:) She wanted to talk about the pros and cons of having really long hair! Okay, I'm turning it over to her now-
Hi everyone! Rapunzel here!:)
If you've ever watched my movie, read the books, or heard of me somehow, you know that I have suuuuuper duper long hair. I wanted to list the pros and cons of having long hair-

Pro- You can make really pretty braids and hairstyles that you couldn't make with short hair.:)
Con- When you sit down you have to bring your hair to the front of you so you don't sit on your hair.:(
Pro- People will compliment you on how pretty your long hair is.:)
Con- Your hair is soooo heavy...:(
Pro- You can bring somebody up a tower with your epicly long hair.:) (Like Eugene)
Con- It takes FOREEEEVER to comb out your hair every morning....:(

Pro- You can take super cool photos, like this one, where your hair is looking epic!
Con- You can never cut your hair or else your powers will be completely removed, so that means split ends, people! (Hey! That totally reminds me of the story of Samson!)
Pro- When it's really cold, you can use your hair as a scarf.:)

That's it for pros and cons, but here are some extra pictures!:)

We hope you enjoyed the pictures! And pros and cons! 'Til next time-
-Emma and Rapunzel-<3
Do you have a favorite hairstyle?


  1. Beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing the pros and cons. ;)

    ~Lydia~ <3

    1. Thank you! You're welcome!;)
      -Emma and Rapunzel-<3

  2. Haha what an awesome post!!! You have fabulous long hair Rapunzel >.<

    1. Thank you! Rapunzel says thanks also!;)

  3. xD Loved this post! I agree with everything....long hair is awesome and not so awesome sometimes...

  4. Funny! Your Rapunzel doll is really cute!